Wipeout Wiki

While not a true obstacle, the Motivator is part of the Big Balls. If a contestant hesitates, or takes too long, before attempting the Big Balls, the Motivator will forcefully get them to move forward.

First introduced in season 2, the Motivator served as a giant red hammer looming above the contestants. If they stood on the platform for too long, the hammer would swing forward, knocking the contestants forward. On the Super-Bowl special, a linebacker was used, to push contestants.

In season 3, the red hammer motivator returned alongside a new hidden motivator, in which part of the platform would launch upward, pushing the contestants forward.

In season 4, Wipeout was split into three parts, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Winter and Spring Wipeout both used the “Snow-tivator” and the “Springivator” respectively, which were dreadmills that contestants had to ride on to the Big Balls. For Summer Wipeout, the “Dreadmill” returned, alongside two new motivators: the “Ball Tapper”, featuring two Big Balls rotating forward, in which contestants had to run fast enough to avoid it, and the “Handlebar Motivator”, featuring a large handrail that would push contestants forward if they took too much time.

In season 5, Wipeout was again split into Winter and Summer seasoned varieties. For the season premiere of Winter Wipeout, a special “Ho-Ho-Ho-tivator” was added, where Santa Claus stood by the contestants on the platform, pushing them if they took too much time. For the rest of Winter Wipeout, the hidden motivator returned. For Summer Wipeout, two new motivators were introduced. The “Rumble Bridge” Motivator featured a platform that moved up and down, shaking the contestants off. The second motivator was dubbed the “Multivator”, which featured two motivating parts: a hydraulic arm hidden inside the ramp of the platform, that would push contestants onto an upgraded hidden motivator, which launched contestants onto the Big Balls rather than pushing them off.

In season 7, the hydraulic arm plus rumble bridge combo returned for the Multivator, with the rumble bridge now taking a larger part of the platform.

In the TBS revival, season 1 featured the same Multivator from ABC’s season 7, albeit themed differently. In season 2, the hidden motivator returned, with an additional airbag hidden inside the platform, exploding when the platform was raised.