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Monica "Flying" Camacho is a contestant from S4E06 "This Little Piggy Went To Wipeout". Monica's nickname came from her softball team who called her that due her tendency to dive at base.



Monica wiped out at the first obstacle, the 'Holiday Hams'. At the Big Balls, Monica jumped from the Snowtivator to the second ball where she fell off. The rest of Monica's run wasn't shown but her time was fast enough to advance to the next stage.

Ski Lift[]

Monica performed well during the Ski Lift and was able to hang to be one of the final 6 to move on. During the $1000 bonus round, Monica outlasted everyone else until only her and Edward Monroy remained. Despite taking hard hit near the end, Monica was able to hang on longer than Edward and earned the $1000 bonus. Monica moved on alongside Edward, Austin Brady, Ryan Kroner, Jon Adams and Shayan Enrico.

Seven Letter Word[]

Monica and the others now faced the Seven Letter Word. At the start of round 1, Monica and Austin got out in front but both were knocked off the side of the ramp by the sweeper arms at the W. Monica fell again whilst trying to jump to the I while simultaneously jumping over a sweeper arm. Monica passed the I on her third try and passed Jon who was on the P. While on the E, Monica was almost hit in the face by an ice ball which then hit Austin who was right next to her. Monica successfully jumped to the O, but on her jump to the U, her face hit the first hurdle as it moved up, before she slid of the U. Whilst climbing back up on the E, Edward and Austin both made it to the U. On her second try at the O, Monica succeeded in her jump to the U, where Edward was just one hurdle away from the finish with Austin right behind him. Monica tried to catch them but fell off the U crossing over the first hurdle and would lose the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone to Austin who had passed Edward in a swift move. For round 2, Monica was slower out of the gate. Monicas run during the round was largely not shown, apart from wiping out whilst trying to jump to the I. She can be seen on the O near the end of the round where she tried and failed to jump to the U, falling just as Edward made it to the T where he took the 2nd spot in the Zone.

Now in the 3rd and final round, Monica got out to a big lead out of the gate, making it to the E without a wipeout, however she couldn't stick the landing on her jump to the O and slid off. By the time she had climbed back up, Jon had made it to the U. Monica succeeded on her jump to the O and to the U, where she caught up to Jon who had stalled at the last hurdle. As Monica caught up to Jon, Ryan also made it to the U. At the moment Ryan made his jump, Jon lost his footing and slipped off the of side of the U, this opened the door for Monica but when she moved over the hurdle she landed on her back too far to the right and slid off the edge of the U. This upset now meant Ryan was in the lead but he was slow to get going which gave Monica time to climb back up the U. Ryan finally got moving as Monica reached the top of the ladder and was quickly over to the last hurdle. Monica caught up with Ryan at the last hurdle, for a moment the two were neck and neck, but Ryan refused to give Monica an opening to pass him and he crossed the last hurdle and made it to the T, taking the last spot in the Zone. Monica is last scene giving Ryan a congratulatory pat on the back with a disappointed look on her face knowing that her day on Wipeout was over.