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Season 6's Miami Pound Machine in Round Two

The Miami Pound Machine is the second round that appeared in episodes 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, and 14 of Season 6.

It consists of a counterclockwise-spinning diamond-shaped platform with a clockwise-revolving sweeper carousel overhead. The diamond platform has a few quirks on it that makes the round harder:

  • On the side marked with two concentric rings, it has a path going to its adjacent corners and into the middle pillar of the carousel, but otherwise has no direct connection to the middle.
  • On the side marked with a solid circle, it has a path directly from the middle, but it is connected to its adjacent corners via untraversable cylindrical beams.

The twelve contestants begin together on the starting platform elevated 10 feet above the water. Then at the sound of the horn, they’ll jump onto one side and make their way to the other side while avoiding the eight sweeper bars (four in the middle, four on the outside). If they go under them, they must head back to the beginning. Finally, they must jump to the finish platform, timing it just right. To make the dismount more difficult, a rumble bridge was added to the finish platform. Contestants are allowed to dismount via the sweeper arms. The first six contestants to make it across move on to the next round.

Along with Octopushy, it was replaced by the returning Classic Sweeper and a new course, the Space Race, in the next season.