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"Latin Lover" Marcos Bellet was a contestant who competed on S4E02. Marcos hailed from Spain.



Only half of Marcos's Qualifier run was shown in the episode. At the third obstacle the 'Snowplow Sweeper', Marcos almost made it across but fell short on the last leap to the platform. On the last obstacle the Yulelog Jam, Marcos fell on his back getting over the spanker bar and was unable to get up before sliding off the Yulelog into the water. Despite these falls, Marcos time was good enough to advance to the next stage.

Ski Lift[]

Marcos did well on the Ski Life and was one of the final 6 standing to advance to the next stage. However, Marcos was the first to fall in the $1000 bonus round when the sweeper arm hit him in the solar plexus causing him to fall, he was followed immediately by Steve Brandt who fell mere moments after him. Marcos would move alongside Steve, Jason Ondo, Tiffany Saenz, Elize Schuetz, and Erick Granados.

Seven Letter Word[]

Marcos and the remaining 5 would now face the 'Seven Letter Word'. During round 1, Marcos was hesitant to try and get past the W and I, watching the others attempts. Marcos nonetheless got passed the first 3 letters offscreen and made it to the E. Marcos successfully jumped to the spinning O on his first attempt, joining Jason on the O. After Jason fell, Marcos tried and failed to jump to the U and would lose the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone to Tiffany. For round 2, Marcos was again, slow to get going as Jason and Elize got out in front. While maneuvering between the sweeper arms at the W, Marcos was hit by iceballs but nonetheless made it to the I and P with no problem and joined Jason on the E. Marcos failed to jump to the O on his first try, made it on his second attempt, but again couldn't jump to the U and fell, and would lose the 2nd spot in the Zone to Jason. Now in the third and final round, Marcos again got off to a slow start as Elize and Erick both tried and failed to reach the P. Steve then took the lead and made it to the E, but failed to jump on the O. After reaching the E and making it onto the O, Marcos finally succeeded in jumping to the U, only to take a shot to the head by an iceball when he stood up, nonetheless Marcos was now in the lead. After crossing the first hurdle, a tense race ensued when Erick also made it to the U and caught up with Marcos who'd stalled at the last hurdle. When Marcos finally made a move, he over rotated over the hurdle, couldn't hang on, and slid off the back of U in one of the most memorable Wipeout upsets. Marcos was able to climb back up on the U, just in time to see Erick make it over the last hurdle and cross over to the T, taking the last spot in the Wipeout Zone, thus ending Marcos day on Wipeout.