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Kindergarten Chaos is an obstacle that was featured as the first obstacle the Qualifier and only appeared in Episode 4x25.

The obstacle consists of a long pathway containing finger-paint, paint cannons, dodgeballs, and jump ropes, where contestants will have to make it across to the other side without falling into the mud.

It was replaced by the Bucking Broncos in the next episode.


Kindergarten Chaos features a long pathway, where contestants must go to the other side as fast as they can. The obstacle contains four jump-ropes that act like tripwires to trip them and make them face plant on the platform. On their way to the end, they will be splattered with finger paint and hit with a paint cannon that covers most of them.

Kindergarten Chaos also features two slingshots, one on the beginning of the obstacle that is red, and another on the end of the obstacle that is blue. The first one usually causes contestants to lose their balance and face plant onto the ground, while the blue slingshot attempts to knock them into the mud.

As the Qualifier continues, the two white walls that stand on the obstacle will be splattered with all the paint that was splattered on the contestants giving the obstacle a more interesting design.


  • This obstacle can be considered as one of the easiest obstacles in the entirety of Wipeout (along with the Trampo-mean) as almost every contestant was shown completing it and only one contestant (shown on screen) fell into the mud, but it could be debatable if there were more contestants that fell in.
  • This obstacle is really unique as it is one of the two obstacles in the show that have a different color to the mud, with this one being red.
  • For some unknown reason, Jen Johnson completed the obstacle, but in the airing a splash sound could be heard, even though there was no splash at all.