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"The Ball Father" Kevin Ball was a contestant from S4E10 "Ballsy shows off his Giblets". His nickname was chosen when he claimed was the original big red ball and is a reference to the 1971 film 'The Godfather'.



The only part of Kevin's run on the Qualifier shown was him wiping out on the Big Balls. Kevin had a fast enough time and advanced to the next stage.


On Kevins first attempt at the 'Scareousel' he cleared the hurdles but couldn't stick the landing on the red platform and slid off. Kevin made it on his second try and moved up to the yellow track, here Kevin successfully grabbed hold of a yellow dangler and cleared the sweeper arms, but mistimed letting go and overshot the finish platform. Kevin made it on his second try of the yellow track, taking the 4th spot in the next stage. Joining Kevin in the next round would be Bill Millsap, Chris Parillo, Gary Tabing, Katlin Majewsky, and Robyn Bowman.

Springtime in Paris[]

For 'Springtime in Paris', Kevin and the others would get spun on the Dizzy Dummy before running the course. At the start of round 1 Kevin was slow out of the gate due to the disorientating effects of the Dizzy Dummy. He failed at least once off screen at the rotating platform (as indicated by his wet clothes). Kevin regained his composure and past the rotating platform and pedestal, moving ahead of Gary in a bold move towards the Crankshaft, However he possibly wiped out at least once offscreen as Gary is later shown ahead of him at the 'Knee-Sweeper'. Kevin passed the Crankshaft and joined Bill and Gary at the start of the Knee-Sweeper. Kevin got onto the obstacle behind Bill, but Bill stole the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone from Kevin when he jumped to the spinning platform and onto to the finishing platform. In round 2, Kevin got out to an early lead ahead of the others, passing the rotating platform and Crankshaft with ease. At the Knee-Sweeper he jumped to the spinning platform but just couldn't quite stick the landing and slid off headfirst into the water, this opened the door for Robyn to swoop in and take the 2nd spot in the Zone. Round 3 got off to a slow start as Kevin and the others all seemed to wait for the dizzying effects to wear off after stepping off the Dizzy Dummy. Once he regained his composure, Kevin again took an early lead getting ahead of the others, passing the rotating platform, but stalling at the Crankshaft allowing Gary to catch up and pass him. Kevin passed the Crankshaft and joined Gary at the Knee-Sweeper but again stalled, allowing for Katlin to move ahead of him. When Kevin finally made a move, he jumped from the Knee-Sweeper to the spinning platform. Kevin made the last jump to the finish platform and for an instance appeared to have made it, but he had come just short enough to not get a firm grip on the platform and slid off. Kevin was able to climb back up for one more try but lost the final spot in the Zone to Chris, Thus Kevin failed to make it to the Wipeout Zone.


  • Despite making it to the 3rd round, Kevin was not mentioned during the contestant roll call at the end of the Qualifier or the beginning of the Scareousel, a rarity on Wipeout as most who make it to round 3 are mentioned at least once before that.