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Katelyn Reina
Katelyn on the Bruiseball Turntables.


Katelyn Reina


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Crossed Big Balls, Won Bruiseball, Won Wipeout

Katelyn Reina was a contestant on the special Blind Date episode of Wipeout. She was paired up with Jayson Lansburg, with who she won the episode. They were known as the 'Power Couple', because both of them crossed the Big Balls. Katelyn is well known for motivating Jayson during their run, yelling at him to hurry up, and that he's wasting time.


After Jayson Lansburg tells Jill he's not looking for anything permanent, but instead a girl who can take him to the Wipeout Zone, the Johns explain that Katelyn is also on the pursuit of the 50,000, as much as he is. Katelyn comfirms this by saying that they're going to tear the course apart, and that they're going to win.


We first meet Katelyn and Jayson on the Springy Steps, where they fall in sync on the fourth step. Jayson then helps Katelyn out of the mud and prepares for the second set of steps. This is not shown, but most likely they wiped out. After that, Katelyn goes to the Sucker Punch, where she makes it about half-way through. She cheers on Jayson when he runs across the Big Balls and succeeds. Katelyn is next to try, she makes it to the fourth ball, where she is unsteady, but Jayson lends her a hand, and so they both make it across. While Jayson is on by the Trampoline Sweepers, Katelyn yells at him to hurry up. Jayson gets stuck on the last trampoline, and Katelyn tells him to think of his happy place. Jayson falls into the water, and while he climbs up the ladder, Katelyn yells at him again. The rest of their run is not shown, but their time was good enough to advance.


"Hurry up!"

Next is the Overdrive, and Jayson and Katelyn are warming up for their run. Jayson's first try lands him on the bar, and crawls to the middle, making Katelyn nervous. Katelyn tries to merge with Jayson, but gets taken out by a sweeper arm. Then Jayson heads for the finish, but hits a sweeper bar. He tries to hang on, but is taken out by one of the platforms. Meanwhile, Katelyn makes it to the middle and runs to the red spot. She leaps to the Banana Hammock, but misses. Moments later, Jayson is back on the red spot. He jumps to the Unstable Table, but it tips and he's in the water again. Power Katelyn is in the middle again, and after she sees Arielle Valdez making it to the Unstable Table, she does the same, and jumps to the finish platform. She then shouts at Jayson to finish, saying that it's easy. Jayson obeys and heads to the middle. He immediately goes for the red spot, jumps to the Banana Hammock and on the finish platform. They're the first couple to move on.


Katelyn and Jayson in John Henson's fantasies.

Next up is a Bruiseball bonus round, where they have a chance to get $2,500. The women take a run first. After taking a spin in the Dizzy Dummy, Katelyn's quickly on the Pitcher's Mountain, and onto first base, while taking a dodgeball to the face. She tries to make it across the Bouncing Base Pad, but is sent back into the water by one of the Bruiseball Bats. She gets up again at first base, but the 'American', Katie Calpino, pins her down to keep her balance. Katie lets her loose, and Katelyn makes another run for it. She crashes into the bag of second base, but the bat swings over her head before she can get both feet on the platform and has to turn back. Back at first, Katelyn takes another hit to the face by one of the dodgeballs. While Arielle tries to get her feet onto second base before the bat swings over her, Katelyn comes out of nowhere and plants her feet on the platform, just before she's taken out by the bat. Arielle is sent back to first. Katelyn makes her first jump on the foamy Turntable, and dodges a dodgeball. She finds her way to the second Turntable, while taking another dodgeball to the face. She then jumps to third base, but can't hang onto the ledge. Katelyn tries again, and this time makes it to third base. She jumps to the home plate and touches it, making her the winner. Katelyn dances upon her victory, which makes her $2,500 richer.

Katelyn then watches the male bruiseball round. When Jayson waits a little too long on first base, he gets direction from Katelyn who's shouting at him to go. A wipeout by 'Flounder' Scott Jones makes Katelyn laugh, as it reminds her of a seal. Jayson then tries the Bouncing Base Pad again, but wipes out quickly, making Katelyn disapppointed. Katelyn continues to motivate him as Jayson makes it to the first Turntable, but wipes out while going for the second. He tries again, and makes it over the second Turntable. He's not on first base however, as he's clinging on to the ledge. Katelyn gives him advice to lift his leg on the platform, like a dog peeing. Jayson wins the round and $2,500, and Katelyn is shocked as he sees him making out with an inanimate person of the Bruiseball audience.


Katelyn makes short work of the One-Ring Circus.

No-one was eliminated at the Bruiseball rounds, and next up is the One-Ring Circus, where they all have to run the stunt individually. Katelyn's up first. She easily makes it to the first platform without wiping out, but doesn't make it to the second High Diving Board. She swims ahead to the Rug Pull. She stands on the first platform, where the rug is pulled, and Katelyn tumbles in the water. She swims to the final stage, the Stilt Trip. On the second stilt, she gets surprised by the orange paint that gets dropped on her. It doesn't phase her though, and she makes it to the finish platform with a time of 02:13.38. Next is Jayson, and Katelyn is watching him, while doing some motivational speaking. Katelyn, now being called his 'Business Partner', is not to thrilled with his wipeout, and while Jayson is waiting for the perfect moment to run on the Stilt trip, Katelyn is impatient and yells at him to hurry up. While asked by Jill if she's impressed with his run, she said she's not going to lie and that she did a little better. Jayson's time was 03:28.18, making it a total of 05:01.56. After Scott Jones and Arielle Valdez didn't beat their time, Jayson and Katelyn were certain of their spot in the Wipeout Zone.


Power Couple Katelyn & Jayson wins Wipeout.

While asked if they're going to be doing things differently in the Wipeout Zone, Katelyn says she's going to be really yelling this time, so he's going to hear her. Katelyn's the first of the four who takes a shot at the Wipeout Zone. She's launched by the Catapult, and uses her arms and legs to control herself, making a nice entry in the zone. She climbs up to the Spin Cycle, and is immediately turned upside-down when she jumps in. She continually tries to hang on to one of the ledges, but keeps tumbling back. She steadies herself on one of the planks and rides the Spin Cycle until she's near the exit. She then goes for the platform, but she's a little to late and falls in the water. Her next try is much more succesful: she outruns the Spin Cycle, steps on the edge of the drum and makes it to the other side. Then, she's on her way to the Triple Threat, where she makes it to the second spinning platform, but wipes out, because she was too close to the edge. Her next attempt works out better and she's onto the Rib Rage. She crosses seven of the ten ribs, and the swims ahead to the Gauntlet. She faces the Spiked Whackers first, but gets taken out by the first try. On her next attempt she crosses them, but rushes at the Arms & Dangerous and immediately wipes out. Her next try isn't any better, as she wipes out at the last arm of the Arms & Dangerous. The fourth try at the Gauntlet is finally the last try, and makes it to the finish platform with a time of 09:31.82. Together with Jayson's time of 10:21.11, the Power Couple's time is 19:52.93, enough to beat Scott & Arielle, making them the winners of the Blind Date episode.


Qualifier / 1st (04:10.5)
Overdrive 4th 1st
Bruiseball $2,500 $5,000
One-Ring Circus 1st (02:13.38) 1st (05:01.56)
Wipeout Zone 1st (09:31.82) 1st (19:52.93)


"Hurry up! You're wasting time! Go! Jump!"

- Katelyn

"But Power Katelyn isn't waiting for anyone! And with a PowerPoint presentation, she has made it!"

- John Henson (after Katelyn crossed the overdrive)

"Like a dog, like a dog peeing! Lift it, lift a leg!"
"Yeah, but whatever you do, don't pee."

- Katelyn, John Henson

"Are you guys going to be motivating each other through this course, going to be inspiring each other?"
"Just like from the beginning, but more intense, and powerful."
"Yeah, I will be really yelling this time, so he's gonna hear me."

- Jill, Jayson, Katelyn

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