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Karalyn Sharamitaro
Karalyn with Jill after her run.


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Eliminated in

Wipeout Zone


Crossed Organ Grinder

Karalyn Sharamitaro was a contestant on Wipeout. She was the shortest person that day, and was the only one to conquer the Organ Grinder. This gave her the nickname "Inchworm". She made it to the Wipeout Zone, but lost to 'Jailbreaker' Caroline Lee. She placed 3rd.



Karalyn crosses the Organ Grinder.

Most of Karalyn's run on the Qualifier is not known, although she probably went through the course quickly, as the Johns said that she advanced to the next round by a mile. While most of the contestants couldn't make it past two platforms of the Organ Grinder, she crossed it completely. On the Trouble U's, she gets hit by the first set and falls. She finishes the course in 04:02.06.

On her first try on the Overdrive, Karalyn follows Andrea Brache to the middle, holding on to the sweeper arm and crawling to the middle. She then tries to leap for the banana hammock but fails because Andrea was already on it. She makes it back to the middle again, cheering for Andrea to make the leap to the exit, but Andrea fails. After she's gone, Karalyn leaps for the banana and jumps to the finish platform. She's holding on to the edge however, but manages to pull herself up. She's the fifth person to cross Overdrive.

Up next is Bruiseball. After seeing two contestants fail miserably at trying to reach the Pitcher's Mountain, she succeeds and joins Andrea Brache on first base. She wipes out at the Bouncing Base Pad, however. Karalyn tries next and she succeeds on her first attempt, jumping over the sweeper bat. She quickly jumps on the following Turntables but shorts her jump to third base. She pulls herself up again, makes the leap for home plate and is the first contestant to move on to the Wipeout Zone.


Karalyn is the first to reach home plate.

Karalyn is the last to compete in the Wipeout Zone. She gets launched by the Catapult but somehow turns around and faces the wrong way when she's entering the zone. She does make it up to the Spin Cycle quickly. After her jump in, she quickly recovers and sprints across the bottom. She then jumps to the finish platform but just misses and has to try again. On her second attempt, she tries to go the long way around, holding on to one of the planks. She jumps again, but lands on her back and falls on the other side of the platform. Karalyn doesn't quit yet, and on her third attempt she's quickly on and off the Spin Cycle. On the Triple Threat, she suffers some blows from the sweeper arms, which knock her into the water. On her next try, she makes it to the Rib Rage, where she only crosses two before she tumbles down. To beat the time of Caroline Lee, Karalyn now has to make it through the Gauntlet in a single attempt, but is caught by the Spiked Whackers and fails. Her time runs out, and Caroline is the winner.


Qualifier 04:02.06
Overdrive 5th
Bruiseball 1st
Wipeout Zone Out of time


"What do you think is going to happen here with Sean?"
"I think he's gonna puke."

- Jill, Karalyn


  • In addition to being the shortest contestant of the day, she was tied for second-shortest ever, with Jessica Trevathick. Tracy Ouer (4'10") was the only one shorter.

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