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"New Mom" Jill Facer was contestant on S3E04 of Wipeout. She won the episode. Her nickname came the fact that she had given birth to a 9lb baby boy just 3 months before she came on Wipeout.



The episode only showed Jill's Qualifier run from the Big Balls onward. At the Big Balls, Jill made it to the third Ball before wiping out. At the Trampoline Sweeper, Jill fell between the first two trampolines after jumping over the sweeper arm, hitting her face on the way down. At the Fling Set, Jill tried to duck under the bar and dropped to her knees but was taken out anyway. Jill finished with a time of 02:52.6.


Jill was one of the first to make a move on the Overdrive and was hit by a sweeper arm, she tried to hang on to it but hit the walkway with her legs before falling into the water. After this Jill stood on the starting platform and but didn't make a move for most of the round. By the time she made another attempt only two spots were remaining, one of which would be taken by Alan Mahoney just as she made it to the middle. Jill than made it to the red spot and used the Unstable Table to cross over to the finish platform, taking the last spot. Jill would join Alan, Rick Collingwood, Patrick Bailey, James Runcorn, and Kim Utterson in the next stage.

Jungle Gym[]

Jill would be the last to run the Jungle Gym and had to beat a time of 5:50.69 set by Alan to make it to the Wipeout Zone. Jill cleared the Blocks easily but was taken out by the 'Tiger Claw' at the diving boards. At the Rug Pull, Jill fell when the rug pulled but managed to stay on, only to be knocked off by the sweeper arm moments later. At the last obstacle, the Giant Tree Trunks, Jill fell between the first and second Trunks when she had to jump through the hoop, her face hitting the second Trunk on the way down. Despite the brutality of the fall, Jill was quickly back up and made it past the Trunks on her second try, beating Alan with a time 3:45.66, The 2nd fastest time of the four finalists only behind Patrick.

Wipeout Zone[]

Jill would be the last to run the Wipeout Zone, which for this episode would be completely covered in foam. Jill had to beat a time of 14:21.76 set by James. After a good launch into the Zone by the Catapult, Jill entered the Spin Cycle, at the 1:30 mark and got out on her first try at the 1:52 mark, putting her ahead of James's pace. Now at the Triple Threat, Jill made it to the second turn table but was knocked off by the sweeper arm. Quickly back up, Jill took a glancing blow by the arm on the third table but was able to cross the obstacle successfully this time. At the Rib Rage, Jill made it to the 6th rib before falling. With only the Gauntlet to go, Jill was immediately knocked down by the first Spiked Whacker. On her second try, Jill made it passed the Whackers but was taken out immediately by the Arms n Dangerous. On her third attempt, Jill made it through the Gauntlet, beating James with a time of 11:04,46, winning the $50,000 prize.