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Jayson Lansburg
Jayson winning the Bruiseball bonus round.


Jayson Lansburg


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Crossed Big Balls, Won Bruiseball, Won Wipeout

Jayson Lansburg was a contestant on the special Blind Date episode of Wipeout. He was paired up with Katelyn Reina, with who he won the episode.


Jayson tells Jill that he's not looking for anything permanent, but that he's looking for a girl who can take him to the Wipeout Zone. After she asks if he's going to use her, Jayson confirms, and he gives Jill a high-five. However, Katelyn is in the pursuit of $50,000 as much as he is.



Jayson & Katelyn both make it across the Big Balls.

We first meet Jayson and Katelyn on the Springy Steps, where they fall in sync on the fourth step. Jayson then helps Katelyn out of the mud and prepares for the second set of steps. This is not shown, but most likely they wiped out. His run on the Sucker Punch is not shown. Jayson leaps to the Big Balls, and makes it all the way across. Katelyn is next to try, she makes it to the fourth ball, where she is unsteady, but Jayson lends her a hand, and so they both make it across. Jayson jumps on the Trampoline Sweepers, and runs into some trouble quickly on the third trampoline. His date, Katelyn, is shouting behind him to hurry up. He gets caught by the sweeper bar, but hangs on and manages to get himself onto the fourth trampoline, where he repeatedly gets pummeled. He eventually surrenders and falls into the water. The rest of their run is not shown, but their time was good enough to advance.

Next is the Overdrive, and Jayson and Katelyn are warming up for their run. Jayson's first try lands him on the bar, and crawls to the middle, making Katelyn nervous. Katelyn tries to merge with Jayson, but gets taken out by a sweeper arm. Then Jayson heads for the finish, but hits a sweeper bar. He tries to hang on, but is taken out by one of the platforms. Meanwhile, Katelyn makes it to the middle and runs to the red spot. She leaps to the Banana Hammock, but misses. Moments later, Jayson is back on the red spot. He jumps to the Unstable Table, but it tips and he's in the water again. Power Katelyn is in the middle again, and after she sees Arielle Valdez making it to the Unstable Table, she does the same, and jumps to the finish platform. She then shouts at Jayson to finish, saying that it's easy. Jayson obeys and heads to the middle. He immediately goes for the red spot, jumps to the Banana Hammock and on the finish platform. They're the first couple to move on.


Jayson & Katelyn in John Henson's fantasies.

Next up is a Bruiseball bonus round, where they have a chance to get $2,500. The women take a run first, and Jayson watches Katelyn's run from the sidelines, cheering her on when she's winning, but laughing when she wipes out. Jayson celebrates as Katelyn wins her inning. The males are next, and after the Dizzy Dummy spin, Jason's out first. He's quickly on the Pitcher's Mountain and on first base, and after being motivated again by Katelyn, he tries the Bouncing Base Pad, where his third jump over the bat sends him back into the water. While waiting for 'Flounder' Scott Jones, Jayson slaps his behind so he gets moving. Jayson's second attempt isn't better, as he wipes out right at the beginning. On his third try, he makes it to second base, and immediately jumps on the first Turntable, but wipes out while going for the second. On his second try, Jayson clears both Turntables but lands on the edge of the platform. Hearing the advice of Katelyn to lift a leg on the platform, he crawls onto third base. He then makes a leap for the home plate and is barely safe, but still takes the $2,500 home.


Jayson withstands yellow paint and the Tiger Claw in the One-Ring Circus.

No-one was eliminated at the Bruiseball rounds, and next up is the One-Ring Circus, where they all have to run the stunt individually. Jayson runs the course second, after Katelyn. Just as his partner, he had almost no trouble getting to the first platform, but didn't make the jump to the second High Diving Board. On the first Rug Pull platform, the pulled rug makes Jayson lose his balance, and falls in the water. On the ladder to the Stilt Trip, he's biting his time for a perfect run, to Katelyn's dismay. He finally makes a break for it and sets a time of 05:01.56 for the Power Couple. After Scott Jones and Arielle Valdez didn't beat their time, Jayson and Katelyn were certain of their spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Before starting his run, Jayson tells Jill he's nervous, but excited, and that they will be motivating each other throughout just like they did all day, but more intense and powerful. Jayson is the second to go, and is launched by the Catapult. He makes a


Jayson & Katelyn win Wipeout.

face-first entry, of which he has to recover, and then climbs to the Spin Cycle, where he tumbles around quite a bit. After steadying himself on one of the planks, he tries to go for the platform on the other side, but misses and has to swim back. His second attempt is much better, he uses the same technique, but gets off the drum earlier and is going to the Triple Threat. He reaches the second spinning platform, while receiving several blows from the sweeper arms. He tries to make it to the third one, but lands on his face and falls down. He's successfully across on his second attempt and then crosses six of the ten ribs on the Rib Rage. In the Gauntlet, the first hit of the Spiked Whackers lands and he has to try again. This time he has no trouble with them, but faces a close call on the Arms & Dangerous. He tries to stay low, but the arms catch him and he has to try again. In his third attempt he stands up, but runs into trouble on the second and third arm. His fourth try is better, and makes it to the finish platform with an individual time of 10:21.11. Together with Katelyn's time of 09:31.82, the Power Couple's time is 19:52.93, enough to beat Scott & Arielle, making them the winners of the Blind Date episode.


Qualifier / 1st (4:10.5)
Overdrive 5th 1st
Bruiseball $2,500 $5,000
One-Ring Circus 2nd (03:28.18) 1st (05:01.56)
Wipeout Zone 2nd (10:21.11) 1st (19:52.93)

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