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Jason "Six Toe" Ondo is a male contestant to Winter Wipeout Episode 2. He placed the first in the Qualifier and the Ski Lift on where he won $1,000 bonus. Placed the second in the Seven Letter Word and goes to the Wipeout Zone where won $50,000, beating Tiffany Saenz s' time.



Ondo was the last contestant to run the qualifier that day. Ondo got off to great start by passing the first obstacle, Mogul Madness, the second contestant to complete the obstacle after "Kiddie Party" Katie Fierro. On the Big Balls, Ondo was able to reach the third ball before wiping out. Ondo then conquered the Snowplow Sweeper, becoming the only contestant of the day to do so. Now with only the Yulelog Jam to go, Ondo got on the first Yulelog and got over the spanker bar just fine, but failed to reach the second Yulelog when he tried to simply step across and fell in the water. Ondo ended up finishing with a time of 02:17.5, the fastest time of the day.

Ski Lift[]

Ondo performed well during the Ski Lift and was one of the six left standing to advance to the next stage. During the $1000 bonus round, Ondo took some heavy hits by the sweeper arms but as able to hang on. After Elize Schuetz fell, "Broadway Babe" Tiffeny Sianez was only one left to challenge Ondo for the extra $1000. Despite Tiffany's pleas and swinging wildly from several sweeper hits, Ondo was able to hang on longer than Tiffeny and earned the $1000 bonus. Ondo advanced to the next stage alongside Tiffeny, Elize, Erick Granados, Steve Brant, and Marcos Bellet.

Seven Letter Word[]

Ondo and the other 5 would then face the Seven Letter Word. During round 1, Ondo got off to an early lead ahead of the others, Making passed the W, I and P with ease. Ondo failed on his first try to jump to the O from the E diving boards. By the time he climbed back up, the rest of the pack had caught up with him. Ondo successfully made it to the O on his second try. In a surprising act of kindness, Ondo helped Tiffeny (who had also jumped to the O) to her feet. This kind act backfired for Ondo though as Tiffany was able to leap to the U and take the lead. Ondo than simply slipped off the O. Tiffeny went on to take the first spot in the Wipeout Zone, whilst a swimming Ondo regretted helping her up.

In round 2, Ondo again got out to an early lead ahead of the others, making it all the way to the E without a wipeout. He almost made it to O on is first try but landed awkwardly and slid off. Ondo made it to the O on his second attempt and successfully jumped to the U. After wiping out once off screen (see notes), Ondo began a second attempt on the U. Marcos tried to catch to Ondo but failed on his jump to U. At the final hurdle on the U, Ondo took a ball to the head and fell on his back while trying to get over the last hurdle. As he recovered, Erick and Elize both tried and failed to jump to U, leaving the door wide open for Ondo. Ondo successfully crossed the last hurdle and made it to the T, taking the second spot in the Wipeout Zone. The last spot would be taken by Erick.

Winter Wipeout Zone[]

Ondo was the last to run the zone and had to beat Tiffeny's time of 19:13.15. Ondo was launched into the zone by the Bobsleigh Blastoff, entering the water shoulder first. One minute in and Ondo was at the first obstacle, the Icy Stairway from Hell. On his first attempt he quickly fell off the side of the second set of stairs. On his second attempt, Ondo made it all the way to the fourth set, the highest part of the stairway, but tried a feet first approach for his decent which failed and he fell back into the water. Ondo was finally able to complete the obstacle on his third attempt, reaching the next obstacle, Frost Bite, at the 5 and half minute mark.

Ondo was able to cross Frost bite on his first attempt and reached the last obstacle, the Sinister Snowflake, at the 6-minute mark. On his first attempt, he tried to grab one of the pegs but couldn't hold on and fell back first onto the peg behind before taking a header into the water. For his second attempt, Ondo tried stepping on one of the pegs but lost his balance and fell back onto the platform. Recovering, Ondo then a got a foothold on the peg, successfully jumped to the second Snowflake, and made the last leap to the finish platform, beating Tiffeny with a time of 7:48.43 and winning the $50,000.


  • During the end credits of the episode, Ondo is shown wiping out on the U of the Seven Letter Word, but this was not seen in the broadcast before.