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Gut Busters

The Gut Busters is an obstacle in the Season 3 Wipeout Zone. It consists of six hydraulic blocks at varying heights moving up and down that must be traversed.

In episode 3, there was a galaxy of planets.
In episode 16, there was a hoop contestants had to crawl through.


Contestants who passed on their 1st attempt[]

Contestants who passed on their 2nd attempt[]

  • Burton Hendrickson
  • Charles Dorsey
  • David Damiani
  • David Ramos
  • Deborah Blackwell
  • Jason Richard
  • Olotele Moa
  • Paige Roddy
  • Robin Burton
  • Tucker Carney
  • Vincent Rappleyea
  • Will West

Contestants who passed on their 3rd attempt[]

  • David Harris
  • Joel Grande
  • Kenneth Ly
  • Rebecca Curtis
  • Traci Martin