The Gauntlet is used as final stage of the Wipeout Zone in the USA for seasons 2B and 3. 2-3 obstacles are used in the Gauntlet, and if the contestant wipeouts on one of them, they have to swim back and start the whole thing over again. The Season 2 gauntlet obstacle set had the Piston Punch, the Blades of Fury OR the turntable (a mini spinner with different themes resulting in a change of name: e.g. Gazebo Turntable, Bumper Turntable, etc.), then the Drop Bridge, a plank leading upwards that is designed to drop at any time.

Season 3 had two Gauntlets, one in each Wipeout Zone, and the first worked like this:

After jumping off the Dreadmill Launch, and clearing the Gutbusters and Sinistairs, competitors attempt the Crankshaft, Blades of Fury, this time with a third and fourth blade on each set, and the Beater Totter.

Second Gauntlet: After being launched from the Catapult, rotating through the Spin Cycle, dodging sweeper arms on the Triple Threat, and making the most of a single shot on the Rib Rage, they must make it through the Spiked Whackers, and Arms and Dangerous, an obstacle which had a similar idea to the Crankshaft.

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