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Season 7's Fun Slides Platform Spinning Purple People Beater

The Fun Slides Platform Spinning Purple People Beater is a Round Three course used in Season 7.

First, all six contestants will start on the first slide, then land on the platform. Then they'll navigate through the Sweeper Gauntlet to the other side. If they wipeout, they must head back to the beginning. Finally, they must time their drop down the spinning slide and through one of the four holes on the Smack Wheel to the finish platform. The first four contestants to make it through move on to the Wipeout Zone. In episodes 1, 6, and 10, this was played before the Classic Sweeper.

The Smack Wheel on this course is infamous for injuring Yoshi Sudarso's right leg in Episode 1 as he smashed it awkwardly when attempting to slide through it. Miraculously, it didn't stop him from competing. He later became the last man standing on the Classic Sweeper, the first to clear the Shredder in the Wipeout Zone, as well as achieving the fastest time in the Zone with 02:00.06, letting him and his brother Peter win the episode.

The course was later replaced by the Gauntlet in the TBS revival.