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Frank "Freak of Nature" Beasley

“Freak of Nature" Frank Beasley is a contestant on S3E11, who set a record-setting time of 2:12 on the qualifier, passing every obstacle except for the Big Balls. He came in 5th on the Double Cross, and 2nd on the Beach Spinner, winning the $1,000 bonus by grabbing the brass ring. He won the Wipeout Zone with a time of 5:41, winning $51,000 because of the ring.

He appeared in the winners & losers episode where he lost in the Spin Psycho with 'Unbreakable' Elise Schuetz.


Season 3[]


Frank was the last to run on the Qualifier that day and faced the Door Knock as the first obstacle. While every other contestant had been hit by the hammers after opening one of the doors, Frank, in a surprising move, juked to the side before the hammer could hit him (he was actually the second to pass the Door Knock after Kodi Elzie, though she was still hit by the hammer). Frank then made his way over to the Sucker Punch where at first he seemed to try climbing it. Despite being sprayed with paint and taking several hits (including one to the groin), Frank breezed across the Sucker Punch, just dipping his left leg in the mud on his last step. At the Big Balls (which for this episode were moving up and down) Frank only made it to the second ball before sliding off into the water. Despite this fall, Frank was quickly up to the Shake-a-Lator and breezed through that easily as well. With only the Shape Shifter left, Frank jumped from the swinging platform and managed to land inside the circle hole. After riding the wheel back around, Frank made the last leap to the finishing platform posting the fastest time of the day at 02:12.1

Double Cross[]

Despite dominating the qualifier, Frank showed considerable struggle on the Double Cross. On his first try, Frank was caught by the sweeper arm, tried to hang on but collided hard with the one of the planks. On his second try, Frank made it to the middle and made a move down the red plank but was again taken out by the sweeper arm before he could reach the Unstable Table. On his third try, Frank again sprinted down the red plank, but his left foot missed the plank on his last step causing him to fall short and hit the Unstable Table just as it tilted. Frank finally made it on his fourth try and took the 5th spot in the next stage, moving on alongside, Kurt Fuller, Joel Grande, Jason De Muro, Scott Griggers, and Deborah Blackwell.

Beach Party Spinner[]

For stage 3, Frank and the others would face the 'Beach Party Spinner' (a renamed version of 'Unclaimed baggage'). For round 1, Scott and Joel were quickly taken out, leaving frank amongst the remaining four. After being hit with beach blanket from above, Frank then grabbed the hanging brass ring, winning a $1000 bonus. After tossing the ring, Frank tried to step over the sweeper on its next pass, but got his leg caught and fell into the water, losing the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone to Deborah. Frank performed much better in round 2 and easily took the 2nd spot in the Zone. The other 2 spots would be taken by Jason and Joel.

Wipeout Zone[]

Frank would be the last to run in the Wipeout Zone that night and had to beat a time of 10:05.73 set by Deborah, who had beaten the previous time set by Jason, a had beaten Joel who failed to beat her time. Frank got off to an awkward start on the 'Dreadmill Launch' when he slipped on his last step, causing him to gain little air from the trampoline before landing in the water. Despite this, Frank was quickly up to the Gutbusters and crossed them in on his first attempt at record speed. Now at the Sinistairs, Frank climbed up the stairs effortlessly and made the last jump.

Having made it to the Gauntlet at 1:25, Frank's lightning perfect run came to a sudden end at the Crankshaft when he tried to leap over the first bar but got caught and was thrown headfirst into the water. On his second try, Frank past the Crankshaft by figuring out the pattern and quickly breezed through the Blades of Fury. With only the 'Beater Totter' remaing, Frank tried to make a mad dash across but tripped near end and was bucked off when the Totter reared up, sending him back into the water. Back up for a third try at the 5:20 mark, Frank breezed the Crankshaft and Blades and was facing the Beater Totter once again. After exclaiming "This is ridiculous!", Frank charged across the Totter in one fell swoop to the finishing platform, beating Deborah with a time of 5:41.95 and winning the $50,000 prize, which combined with $1000 bonus he won earlier, gave him a total of $51,000.