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Jenni Johnson beginning her succesful run at the Fender Bender.

The Fender Bender is an obstacle that consists of six spinning boat fenders, which need to be crossed to reach the finish platform of the Qualifier on the other side. Each fender is placed about 3-4 feet from the other one.

It was first introduced in the Wipeout Bowl I: Cheerleaders vs. Couch Potatoes and known as the Bouncy Football Bridge, and then became a regular obstacle, always being the last obstacle of the qualifier. In about half of the episodes, the Fender Bender is replaced with the Swing Set. They also have a similar obstacle called the Spiked Fenders, which is used as the first obstacle of the Qualifier.

Only few people have conquered this obstacle, with Forrest Vanderbilt being the first. The stunt was not featured in season 3. It premiered in the second season.

Conquered by[]

# Contestant Episode
1 Forrest Vanderbilt 2x05
2 Shane Harris 2x08: Wipeout Couples
3 Jenni Johnson 2x08: Wipeout Couples
4 Susie Packard 2x10