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Episode 7x13, the Tournament of Champions, is the final episode of Season 7 and the series finale of Wipeout on ABC.

Here, all episode winners of season 7 were invited to compete in this special all-star episode against one another. Some runner-up competitors were also invited as wildcard participants for this episode as well.

  • Qualifier
    • Chopper Blades
    • Sucker Punch
    • Big Balls
    • Play Pound
    • Wall of Pain
  • Classic Sweeper
  • Space Race
    • Wormholes
    • Flying Saucer
    • Crop Circles
    • Launch Slide
    • Shifting Alien
  • Wipeout Zone
    • Catastrophic Cannon
    • Shredder
    • Hell's Carousel
    • Gears of Fear
Courses Qualifier Classic Sweeper Space Race Wipeout Zone
1 'Retired Baby Model' Nick Santo 1st (2:35.9) 1st 4th Winner (01:17.31)
2 "Mama's Bro" Tim Watson 5th (3:27.2) 3rd 2nd 2nd Place (01:43.94)
3 "Baby Nips" Logan Ouellette 4th (3:16.7) 4th 3rd 3rd Place (01:55.31)
4 "Mulleted Menace" Alex Gross 7th (3:39.4) 5th 1st 4th Place (02:22.17)
5 "Hot Pants" Fady Gowanni 3rd (3:12.3) 2nd Eliminated
6 "Backyard Cowboy" Josh Clark 6th (3:36.4) 6th Eliminated
7 "Smog Doctor" Dr. Andy Tibbitts 10th (3:51.3) Eliminated
8 "DJ Fish Food" Alec Fisher 2nd (3:02.1) Eliminated
9 "Shaft Squad!" Ryan Tongue 8th (3:47.1) Eliminated
10 "Crochet King" Taylor Hoch 9th (3:47.4) Eliminated
11 "Triplet" Dempsey Haynosch 11th (4:03.2) Eliminated
12 "Our Own Hottie" Courtney Turner 12th (4:05.4) Eliminated


  • Nick Santo is the second competitor on ABC's Wipeout to win Wipeout twice, after Tony Lee.
  • Other winners/wildcards that participated but did not advance from the qualifier include both "Sweet-Talkers" Derek Stusynski and Brittany Bebek, "Sir Jock or Not" Dakota Hinton, "Paid to Party" Mary Izzo. and "Shaft Squad!" Alan Clegg.
  • For unknown reasons, “Model Brothers” Peter and Yoshi Sudarso and “Anti-Lover Boy" Zack Kalter did not return despite being the winners of Episode 7x01 and Episode 7x04 respectively. It is possible schedule conflicts may have prevented them from competing.
  • Alan Clegg did win $500 for tagging Smallsy in the qualifier.
  • This is the second time in a four-finalist Wipeout Zone where all four finalists completed the Wipeout Zone course without timing out.