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Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes is the seventh episode of season 7. Former contestants of the reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette compete for a chance at winning $50,000 on Wipeout.

This is the only Wipeout episode to exclusively feature celebrities from a different TV series. Both Wipeout and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are aired on ABC.

  • Qualifier
    • Beavers and Beaverettes
    • Sucker Punch
    • Big Balls
    • Play Pound
    • Gym Class
  • Classic Sweeper
  • Fun Slides Platform Spinning Purple People Beater
    • First Slide
    • Sweeper Gauntlet
    • Smack Wheel Slide
  • Wipeout Zone
    • Catastrophic Cannon
    • Shredder
    • Hell's Carousel
    • Gears of Fear
Courses Qualifier Classic Sweeper Fun Slides Platform Spinning Purple People Beater Wipeout Zone
1 "Anti Lover-Boy" Zack Kalter 3rd (3:49.1) 1st 1st Winner (01:55.57)
2 "Dr. Hot Mess" Dr. Larry Burchett 6th (4:13.7) 5th 2nd 2nd Place (03:28.15)
3 "Tattletale" Kasey Stewart 1st (3:12.1) 2nd 4th Out of Time
4 "Caveman" Jon Ellsworth 9th (5:03.7) 4th 3rd Out of Time
5 "Motivational" Graham Bunn 4th (3:55.5) 3rd Eliminated
6 "Mushroom Fun-Guy" Alejandro Velez 2nd (3:16.4) 6th Eliminated
7 "Formula 1" Arie Luyendyk 7th (4:21.0) Eliminated
8 "Mellow Fellow" Jean-Paul LaCount 5th (4:11.9) Eliminated
9 "Sore Winner" Natalie Getz 11th (5:20.3) Eliminated
10 "Still Crazy" Michelle Kujawa 10th (5:12.4) Eliminated
11 Lisa Morrisey 8th (4:44.4) Eliminated
12 "America's Sweetheart" Tenley Molzahn 12th (5:23.1) Eliminated


  • Other Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants that competed on the course but did not make it past the qualifier include Erica Rose (who quit before finishing).