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Winners and Losers is the eighteenth episode of season 5 of Wipeout.

In a twist of an All-Star competition, teams of former Wipeout winners pair up with Wipeout non-winners. The final two teams split in the Wipeout Zone where the final four duke it out to win $50,000, akin to that of Boss and Employee 2.0.

All competitors competing have appeared on either seasons 3 and 4 originally.


  • Qualifier
    • Marshmallows
    • Big Balls
    • Grin and Bear It
    • Panic Hammocks
  • Hangover
    • Swizzle Sticks
    • Sweeper Arm
    • Brawl Wall
  • Spin Psycho
  • The Wipeout Zone
    • Commakaze
    • Spinergy
    • 3 C's of Wipeout


Courses Qualifier Hangover Spin Psycho The Wipeout Zone
1 "Tapping" Tony Lee 1st (4:12.5) 1st 2nd Winner (3:46.69)
2 "Chaz Hands" Chaz Hume 2nd (5:55.45)
3 "Sugar Mama" Debbie Markham 4th (5:01.8) 2nd 1st Out of Time
4 "Big Mouth" Allison Bishop Out of Time
5 "Freak Of Nature & Unbreakable" Frank Beasley & Elise Schuetz 6th (5:33.0) 3rd Eliminated
6 "Circus Freak & Silver Medalist" Sarah Cooper & Alison Gregorka 2nd (4:28.4) Eliminated
7 "Dr. Disco & Party Pants" Charlie Gray & Lindsey Glick 5th (5:12.6) Eliminated
8 "Harvard & Brogre" Rod Plaza & Brent Elder 3rd (4:40.0) Eliminated


  • Other teams that competed but did not advance include "Naughty Baker & Donut Shop Cop" Andrea Corkhill & Kenneth Ly, as well as "Jailbreaker & Rambo" Caroline Lee & Tim Rambow.
  • Tony Lee is one of two competitors (the other being Nick Santo in season 7) to win Wipeout twice. Coincidentally, he beat the same competitor, Chaz Hume, in the Wipeout Zone.
  • Allison Bishop is the only one of the four finalists to debut in the Wipeout Zone, as she was eliminated prior to the Wipeout Zone in her original appearance.