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Udderly Ridiculous is the thirteenth episode of season 5 of Wipeout.


  • Qualifier
    • Swinging in the Rain
    • Swept Away
    • Big Balls
    • Udderly Ridiculous
    • Panic Hammocks
  • Hangover
    • Swizzle Sticks
    • Sweeper Arm
    • Brawl Wall
  • Spin Psycho
  • Wipeout Zone
    • Temple of Flume
    • Commakaze
    • Spinergy
    • 3 C's of Wipeout


Courses Qualifier Hangover Spin Psycho Wipeout Zone
1 "The King Of Wipeout" Matt McSweeney 1st (3:57.7) 3rd 1st Winner (10:21.23)
2 "Old Timey Villain" Rico Andino 4th (4:28.6) 4th 2nd Out of Time
3 "The Guatemauler" Gerson San Juan 2nd (4:01.2) 1st 3rd Out of Time
4 "Dog's Best Friend" Samantha Baisa 5th (4:30.9) 2nd Eliminated
5 "Tiger Lady" Natalie Zierenberg 10th (6:34.9) 5th Eliminated
6 "John Wayne-a-be" Chonway Tram 8th (6:13.0) 6th Eliminated
7 "Kyle's Sister" Danika Miller 6th (4:42.4) Eliminated
8 Janette Higginbotham "From Wisconsin" 12th (6:52.7) Withdrew*
9 "Trumpeteer" Amanda Bakken 11th (6:41.2) Eliminated
10 "The Klutz" Courtney Granger 3rd (4:14.7) Eliminated
11 "The Intelligence" Cori Aguayo 7th (6:08.4) Eliminated
12 Tricia Adgar 9th (6:29.5) Eliminated


  • Although it was shown that Janette Higginbotham made the top 12 in qualifying, she wasn't shown at all during The Hangover. Instead, she was replaced with an unidentified contestant in green that was referred to as "Someone I Don't Know" by the Johns.