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Wipeout Salutes the Armed Forces is the tenth episode of season 5 of Wipeout. Active military personnel compete in this episode.


  • Qualifier
    • Private Beejamin
    • Operation Big Balls
    • Drill Sergeant
    • Panic Hammocks
  • Hangover
    • Swizzle Sticks
    • Sweeper Arm
    • Brawl Wall
  • Spin Psycho
  • Wipeout Zone
    • Temple of Flume
    • Commakaze
    • Spinergy
    • 3 C's of Wipeout


Courses Qualifier Hangover Spin Psycho Wipeout Zone
1 "Boots" Jonathan Wong 1st (2:57.8) 6th 2nd Winner (13:36.72)
2 "Marine Recruiter" Richard Gilmore 3rd (3:01.9) 5th 1st 2nd Place (16:30.94)
3 "Calendar Boy" Mark Serrano 4th (3:04.8) 2nd 3rd Quit
4 "Sonar" Ryan Braley 5th (3:07.1) 1st Eliminated
"Dental Fly-genist" Johnny Huston 2nd (2:58.0) 3rd Eliminated
"Mouse-kini Medic" Braiden Santos 6th (3:10.6) 4th Eliminated
7 "Gunship" Megan O'Connor 12th (4:10.5) Eliminated
"Ammo Man" Daniel Glass 7th (3:17.2) Eliminated
"Handy Marine" Colin Cooper 8th (3:25.8) Eliminated
"Navy Officer" Sheena Hays 9th (3:40.6) Eliminated
"Sharpshooter" Alex Ramirez 10th (3:54.9) Eliminated
"Counter-intelligence" Thomas Headland 11th (4:00.1) Eliminated


  • Excluding Win a Date With Jill (which was a male-exclusive episode), this marks the fewest female competitors to advance past the qualifier, with only two.