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Hotties vs. Nerds 2.0 is the ninth episode of season 5 of Wipeout. It is the second Hotties vs. Nerds competition of Wipeout.


  • Qualifier
    • Fandemonium
    • Big Balls
    • Poundabout
    • Ghoul Trouble
  • Scaregrounds
    • Spinning Platform with Rotating Trapeze
    • Signwinder
    • Spinning Slide
  • Petrified Forest
    • Zip-lines
    • One Tree Forest with Sweeper Logs
    • Tippy Trap
  • The Wipeout Zone
    • Swing Blades
    • Torrential Twisters
    • Tectonic Planks


Courses Qualifier Scaregrounds Petrified Forest The Wipeout Zone
1 "Dorky Kong" Ari Grant 2nd (2:31.6) 4th 1st Winner (7:51.48)
2 "Blackjack Buster" Amanda Gulyas 3rd (2:49.7) 3rd 3rd 2nd Place (9:03.71)
3 "Modest Model" Whitney Cordray 10th (03:35.0) 2nd 2nd 3rd Place (12:24.64)
4 "Babe-orade" Trisha Eyer 6th (3:22.4) 1st Eliminated
"Brass Man" Alec Morse 1st (1:48.6) 5th Eliminated
"Nasty Nat" Natalie DeWindt 4th (2:54.7) 6th Eliminated
7 "Numismatist" Andrew Hart Jr. 5th (3:09.9) Eliminated
Mark DeShazo 12th (3:50.5) Eliminated
"Random Nerd" Jonathan Dishaw 9th (3:30.9) Eliminated
Brynn Vest 8th (3:29.0) Eliminated
Shea Carter 11th (3:47.0) Eliminated
"Virus Guy" Edsel Sinson 7th (3:23.7) Eliminated


  • Brynn Vest is the wife of Sean Vest, who would later compete in Episode 7x05.