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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti is the eighth episode of season 5 of Wipeout. It is also the last Winter Wipeout episode in season 5 and the series as a whole.

  • Qualifier
    • H-E Double Hockey Sticks
    • Big Balls
    • Snowfall
    • Yeti Country
  • Pain in the Ice
    • Ice Hole
    • Fishing Pole
    • Lumber Tumbler
    • Frosty Footbridge
    • Snow Chute
  • Cold Hearted Snake
    • Snow Sweepers
    • Plummet Summit
    • Shivering Timbers
    • Snowball
  • Winter Wipeout Zone
    • Killer Luge
    • Psychedelic Snow Globe
    • Frozen Fury
    • Iced Over


Courses Qualifier Pain in the Ice Cold Hearted Snake Winter Wipeout Zone
1 "Whiz Kid" Roger Doyle 2nd (3:37.5) 3rd 1st Winner (7:39.36)
2 "Captain Planet" Patrick Zabrocki 3rd (4:07.1) 1st 2nd 2nd Place (11:29.08)
3 "Charlie Sheen It Before" Noel Doumerc 6th (4:56.6) 2nd 3rd Out of Time
4 "Mathlete" Marly Barth 1st (3:35.4) 4th Eliminated
"Party Nurse" Corrie Ann Hydrick 4th (4:23.2) 5th Eliminated
"Bendy" Bekky Malesich 9th (5:58.9) 6th Eliminated
7 "Travel Writer" Humberto Guida 7th (5:01.8) Eliminated
Matthew Weston 8th (5:11.9) Eliminated
"Wigged Out" Monica Stockhausen 10th (6:03.6) Eliminated
Chloe Dorsey 11th (6:24.0) Eliminated
"Black Thunder" Antonio Hardy 5th (4:52.2) Eliminated
"Egg Snorter" Sean Smith 12th (6:33.8) Eliminated