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Winter Wipeout: Valentine’s Day Couples is the sixth episode of season 5 of Wipeout, as well as the sixth Winter Wipeout episode in season 5.


  • Qualifier
    • Love Struck
    • Big Balls
    • Snowfall
    • Wedding Reception
  • Pain in the Ice
    • Fishing Pole
    • Lumber Tumbler
    • Frosty Footbridge
    • Snow Chute
  • The Cold Hearted Snake
    • Snow Sweepers
    • Plummet Summit
    • Shivering Timbers
  • The Wipeout Zone
    • Psychedelic Snow Globe
    • Frozen Fury
    • Iced Over


Courses Qualifier Pain in the Ice The Cold Hearted Snake The Wipeout Zone
1 "Baby Makers" Eric & Katie Poole 1st (7:33.0) 1st 1st Winner (23:35.09):

Eric: 7:40.24, Katie: 15:55.15

2 "Lovers Without Borders" James Parent & Jacqueline Ferreira 2nd (7:34.9) 2nd 2nd 2nd Place:

James: Out of Time, Jacqueline: N/A

3 "Homeade Hawaiian" Justin & Erin Sanders 4th (8:08.9) 3rd Eliminated
"All The Right Moves" Daniel & Praise Byun 5th (9:09.9) 4th Eliminated
5 "Pair Of Troopers" Thomas Hilpisch  & Alison Godden 3rd (7:58.8) Eliminated
"Backstage Parents" JR & Crystal Dira 6th (10:00.6) Eliminated


  • This is the second instance a Wipeout Zone finalist did not compete in a team competition. Because James Parent failed to better Katie Poole's time before her partner Eric Poole ran in the Wipeout Zone, by default, the "Baby Makers" already won. As such, Jacqueline Parent did not compete.
  • Eric and Katie Poole are the second team to place 1st in all rounds, after "The Improvers" Katie and Brian Hunt in Episode 4x15.
  • Additionally, James Parent and Jacqueline Ferreira are the first team to place 2nd in each round.