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Winter Wipeout: Family Tree is the fourth episode of season 5 of Wipeout, as well as the fourth Winter Wipeout episode in season 5.


  • Qualifier
    • Frosty Family Tree
    • Winter Weasel Wheel
    • Big Balls + Platform Motivator and Smallsy
    • Snow Fall
    • Ballsy's Ski Shop
  • Pain in the Ice
    • Ice Hole
    • Fishing Pole
    • Lumber Tumbler
    • Frosty Footbridge
    • Snow Chute
  • Cold Hearted Snake
    • Snow Sweepers
    • Plummet Summit
    • Shivering Timbers
    • Snowball
  • Winter Wipeout Zone
    • Killer Luge
    • Psychedelic Snow Globe
    • Frozen Fury
    • Iced Over


Courses Qualifier Pain in the Ice Cold Hearted Snake Winter Wipeout Zone
1 "Winter Brothers" Gentle & Vision Winter 1st (5:30.6) 2nd 1st ($25,000) Winner (14:31.77):

Vision: 8:35.69, Gentle: 5:56.08

2 "Diva Duo" Randy Silva & Amanda Martinez 6th (8:13.1) 3rd 2nd* 2nd Place:

Randy: 8:19.48, Amanda: Out of time

3 "Blonde & Blonder" Gabrielle Johnson & Shana Gutovich 3rd (6:15.9) 1st Quit
4 "Wedded & Dreaded" Drew & Shelly Henning 4th (6:50.0) Eliminated
5 "Disney Discount" Allan & Brielle Ansdell 2nd (05:56.9) Eliminated
6 "Blurpalicious" Jonathan Na & Lily Park Lee 5th (07:44.4) Eliminated


  • In a unique twist, both "Blonde & Blonder" members Gabrielle Johnson and Shana Gutovich as well as "Diva Duo" Amanda Martinez quit on the Cold Hearted Snake. Randy Silva managed to complete the Cold Hearted Snake, however, so he and Amanda both moved on, despite Amanda being unable to finish.
  • Ultimately, because both of the "Winter Brothers" finished the Cold Hearted Snake, the team was automatically awarded half of the $50,000 prize, leaving the teams to compete in the Winter Wipeout Zone for the other $25,000.
  • Amanda is another contestant to run out of time on the first obstacle of the Wipeout Zone.