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A Sight For Sore Ice is the second episode of season 5 of Wipeout, as well as the second Winter Wipeout episode in season 5.


  • Qualifier
    • Snow Shovel Trouble
    • Big Balls
    • Snowfall
    • Candy Pain Lane
  • Pain in the Ice
    • Fishing Pole
    • Lumber Tumbler
    • Frosty Footbridge
    • Snow Chute
  • The Cold Hearted Snake
    • Snow Sweepers
    • Plummet Summit
    • Shivering Timbers
  • The Wipeout Zone
    • Psychedelic Snow Globe
    • Frozen Fury
    • Iced Over


Courses Qualifier Pain in the Ice The Cold Hearted Snake The Wipeout Zone
1 "Chef Boy-R-you-young" Dylan Hamilton 2nd (3:34.9) 6th 1st Winner (13:39.78)
2 "Dirty Cop" Amanda Gutierrez 6th (4:20.2) 3rd 2nd Out of Time
"The Fraud Buster" Travis Case 3rd (3:41.7) 1st 3rd Out of Time
4 "TNT" Talia Tolomeo 4th (3:47.3) 2nd Eliminated
"Honeymooner" Marisol Felix 8th (4:36.4) 4th Eliminated
"The Turtle Murtler" Janelle Gunther 7th (4:32.7) 5th Eliminated
7 "Jerseylicious" Rob Petch 1st (3:11.1) Eliminated
Stephen O'Reilly 9th (4:46.5) Eliminated
"Luong Shot" Tina Luong 12th (5:32.9) Eliminated
Steven Andrade 10th (04:47.9) Eliminated
Nathan Winfrey 11th (5:09.8) Eliminated
"Gal Pal" Jay Gal 5th (04:14.8) Eliminated