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Blind Date 2.0: This Could Get Ugly is the 31st episode and season finale of season 4 of Wipeout. It is the second blind date episode after Episode 3x01 (Wipeout Blind Date).

  • Qualifier
    • Love Train
    • Big Balls
    • Mood Swing (Lover's Leap)
    • Wipeout Italian Restaurant
  • Love Machine
    • Red Track
    • Yellow Track
  • Wipeout Disco
    • Dizzy Dummy
    • Brick House
    • Bouncer
    • Crankshaft
    • Knee Sweeper
    • Turntable
  • Singles Bar
  • Wipeout Zone
    • Chairborne
    • Over and Out
    • Point Break
    • Coin Toss
Courses Qualifier Love Machine Wipeout Disco Singles Bar Summer Wipeout Zone
1 "Beach Bums" Lauren Bell & Mark Luzan 1st (6:24.2) 2nd 1st 1st Winner (22:07.46):

Lauren: 13:50.60, Mark: 08:16.86

2 "Bartenders" Katrina Weeding & Markus Taylor 4th (7:47.8) 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd Place:

Katrina: 12:02.17, Markus: Out of Time

3 "Party People" Cassandra Alicea & Austin Wheeler 5th (8:01.7) 1st 2nd Eliminated
4 "Caregivers" Kristi Fenton & Brian Bills 3rd (7:02.3) 3rd Eliminated
5 "Saint & Sinner" Adam Cowlin & Kelsey Reinhardt 2nd (6:35.8) Eliminated
6 "Show-offs" Stephanie Flores & Alejandro Romero 6th (8:34.4) Eliminated


  • Kelly Tarter and Edward Magana are the second blind date couple to be shown breaking up on the course. Magana ultimately quit on the qualifier.
  • Though his partner didn't complete it, Mark Luzan crossed the Love Train just as Lauren Bell wiped out.