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All-Stars is the 21st episode of season 4 of Wipeout. As the second all-star episode, 24 returning non-winners from previous Wipeout episodes return to compete for redemption on the course. The runners competing are from episodes 2x04 to 4x07.

This is the second of four episodes in Wipeout to feature returning contestants.

  • Qualifier
    • Double Sweeper Dive
    • Big Balls
    • Mood Swing
    • Wipeout School Cafeteria
  • Scare-ousel
    • Red Track
    • Yellow Track
  • Jump the Shark
  • Summer Wipeout Zone
    • Over and Out
    • Point Break
    • Coin Toss

Courses Qualifier Scare-ousel Jump the Shark Spring Wipeout Zone
1 "Fruitcake" Matt Christopherson 9th (4:25.4) 2nd 2nd Winner (06:46.50)
2 "Tina Turner" Gary Shields Jr. 5th (3:55.0) 4th 1st 2nd Place (11:31.08)
3 "Never Give Up, Never Surrender- Tarnations To 2nd Place" Deborah Blackwell 2nd (3:32.0) 1st 3rd Out of Time
4 "Broadway Babe" Tiffany Saenz 10th (4:29.4) 3rd Eliminated
5 "Crazy Cuban" Gaspar Porcell 8th (4:20.9) 5th Eliminated
6 "Yams Man" Dave Klec 1st (3:00.4) 6th Eliminated
7 "Mikachu" Mika Mori 3rd (3:41.0) Eliminated
8 "Super Beast" Kyle Greilich 4th (3:46.5) Eliminated
9 "Dark Horse" Gillian Gipe 7th (4:07.5) Eliminated
10 "Wild" Will West 12th (4:47.9) Eliminated
11 "Sexy Dork" Janica Polmanteer 6th (4:03.8) Eliminated
12 "Surprisingly Single" Andrew Deaver 11th (4:36.6) Eliminated

Full List of All-Stars[]

Among the All-stars that competed but did not advance from the qualifier include:


  • Gary Shields is the only finalist of the three to make a Wipeout Zone debut in this episode, as he was eliminated prior to it in his first appearance.
  • Because they all competed in Winter Wipeout previously, Matt Christopherson, Tiffany Saenz, Mika Mori, Kyle Greilich, Andrew Deaver, Katie Fierro, and Tony Ruiz are the 3rd-9th contestants to compete in the same season.