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At Full Tilt is the nineteenth episode of season 4 of Wipeout

  • Qualifier
    • Wipeout Pinball
    • Big Balls
    • Trapeze Mood Swing
    • Wipeout Cantina
  • Scare-ousel
    • Red Track
    • Yellow Track
  • Super Tramp
  • Summer Wipeout Zone
    • Over and Out
    • Point Break
    • Coin Toss

Courses Qualifier Scare-ousel Super Tramp Summer Wipeout Zone
1 "Circus Freak" Sarah Cooper 2nd (5:08.2) 1st 3rd Winner (05:22.65)
2 "Elton John-iac" Randy Retama 1st (4:40.0) 3rd 1st Out of Time
3 "French Panda" Max Fleury 6th (6:15.7) Eliminated (7th) 2nd Out of Time
4 "Fish Whisperer" Stefanie Trutanic 7th (6:30.0) 4th Eliminated
5 "Captain Kangaroo" Lester Avendano 8th (6:48.2) 5th Eliminated
6 "Law Dog" Michael Williams 9th (6:55.8) 6th Eliminated
7 "Ballroom Babe" Veronica Chernyavska 3rd (5:30.0) 2nd Withdrew
8 "Kind Of Former Gymnast" Lida Cardenas 11th (7:13.2) Eliminated
9 "Money Man" Alan Paquin 4th (5:54.6) Eliminated
10 Christina Noriega 5th (6:06.9) Eliminated
11 Molly Schneider 10th (7:02.2) Eliminated
12 "Super-Pumped" Toya Marrow 12th (7:20.6) Eliminated


  • Before the start of the Super Tramp, Veronica Chernyavska withdrew from the competition. The six eliminated competitors from the Scareousel were put in a random draw, which Max Fleury was selected as a replacement.