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John Henson, Zombie Hunter is the eleventh episode of season 4 of Wipeout, as well as the third episode of Spring Wipeout in season 4.

  • Qualifier
    • Scarecase
    • Big Balls
    • Diving Board Spring Fling
    • Wipeout Kitchen
  • Scare-ousel
    • Red Track
    • Yellow Track
  • Wipeout Colosseum
    • Dizzy Dummy
    • Colosseum Wall
    • Bouncing Podium
    • Crankshaft
    • Knee Sweeper
    • Turntable
  • Spring Wipeout Zone
    • Springshot
    • Over and Out
    • Point Break
    • Coin Toss
Courses Qualifier Scare-ousel Wipeout Colosseum Spring Wipeout Zone
1 "Lab Rat" Skip Dickinson 1st (2:36.2) 1st 1st Winner (06:39.50)
2 "Totally Rude" Caryn Ayala 5th (4:38.7) Eliminated (7th) 2nd 2nd Place (13:54.16)
3 "Ms. Fixity" Claire Voisine 6th (4:50.4) 5th 3rd Out of Time
4 "Old Man" David Sandiford 8th (5:06.2) 3rd Eliminated
5 "Embarrassing Mom" Leslie Kussman 12th (5:40.6) 4th Eliminated
6 "Feisty Fiancée" Cristina Chavez 3rd (3:59.0) 6th Eliminated
7 "Rainbow" Mario Ponce Jr. 4th (4:17.8) 2nd Withdrew (Sick)
8 "A. Hooker" Annie Hooker 7th (4:58.5) Eliminated
9 Hagop Kharikian 9th (5:19.8) Eliminated
10 Marcel George 11th (5:37.6) Eliminated
11 Amanda Cook 10th (5:24.2) Eliminated
12 "Fun Sized" Sarah Krimple 2nd (3:37.8) Eliminated


  • Skip Dickinson is the third competitor to place 1st on every round.
  • Before the start of the Wipeout Colosseum, Mario Ponce Jr. withdrew due to illness. As such, the six contestants eliminated on the Scareousel were put in a random draw, in which Caryn Ayala was selected.
  • This episode’s title resulted in it’s ban on Japanese television.