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Over the Big Balls To Nana’s House We Go is the first episode and season premiere of season 4 of Wipeout, as well as the first episode of Winter Wipeout in season 4.

Starting from season 4 onward, the Wipeout Zone was consisted of three finalists instead of four. However, the Wipeout Zone would later revert back to four finalists in season 7.

For the first time in Wipeout, the season was split into seasonal Wipeout episodes. Episodes 1-8 of the fourth season are Winter Wipeout episodes, Episodes 9-15 are Spring Wipeout episodes, and Episodes 16-31 are Summer Wipeout episodes. This pattern continued into season 5 of Wipeout, though only Winter & Summer Wipeout episodes were hosted.

  • Qualifier
    • Nana's House
    • Big Balls
    • Snowblow Sweeper
    • Yule Log Jam
  • Ski Lift
  • The 7-Letter Word
    • Letter W
    • Letter I
    • Letter P
    • Letter E
    • Letter O
    • Letter U
    • Letter T
  • Winter Wipeout Zone
    • Icy Stairway from Hell
    • Frostbite
    • Sinister Snowflakes
Courses Qualifier Ski Lift Seven Letter Word Winter Wipeout Zone
1 "Tour Guide" Kelsey Schulte 4th (3:36.4) 6th 1st Winner (03:46.04)
2 "Twihard" Carolyn Soto 6th (4:00.8) 2nd 3rd 2nd Place (06:50.03)
3 "Fruitcake" Matt Christopherson 10th (4:57.2) 3rd 2nd 3rd Place (11:33.16)
4 "Silver Medalist" Alison Gregorka 1st (2:54.0) 1st Eliminated
5 "Happy Holliday" Eric Holliday 7th (4:21.0) 4th Eliminated
6 "Bossy" Talisa Bosse 8th (4:43.2) 5th Eliminated
7 Kylie Jones 9th (4:50.0) Eliminated
8 Andrea Ohlwiler 11th (5:09.1) Eliminated
9 "Band Geek" Chris Nichols 5th (3:53.0) Eliminated
10 "Elbow-licker" Sonia Webb 2nd (3:16.2) Eliminated
11 "Old Man Winter" Rick Maben 12th (5:23.7) Eliminated
12 "Onesie" Lauren Starkenberg 3rd (3:20.7) Eliminated