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Ladies' Night is the 15th episode of season 3 of Wipeout. In this episode, 24 females are exclusively invited for this competition.

  • Qualifier
    • Collapsing Catwalk
    • Sucker Punch
    • Big Balls
    • Trampoline Sweeper (Beauty Bar)
    • Fling Set (Chick Flick)
  • Overdrive
  • Wipeout Farm
    • Barnyard Walks
    • Scarecrow Planks
    • Rug Pull
    • Cornstalks
  • Wipeout Zone On Fire
    • Catapult
    • Spin Cycle
    • Triple Threat
    • Rib Rage
    • Gauntlet
      • Spiked Whackers
      • Arms and Dangerous
Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Wipeout Farm Wipeout Zone On Fire
1 "Naughty Baker" Andrea Corkhill 12th (4:45.1) 1st 3rd (05:22.54) Winner (09:25.06)
2 "Fly Girl" Lauren Taksa 1st (3:21.7) 2nd 1st (02:40.58) 2nd (09:32.71)
3 "Heavenly" Heavenly Swendsen 3rd (3:40.2) 4th 4th (05:37.40) 3rd (09:38.40)
4 "Whistle Blower" Holly George 5th (3:55.6) 3rd 2nd (05:05.18) 4th (10:33.96)
5 "Real Estate Agent of Orange County" Danyell Alders 7th (4:08.6) 5th Out of Time
6 "Horse Jumper" Ashley Aandahl 6th (3:59.4) 6th Quit
7 Jeanine Dacierno 4th (3:50.0) Eliminated
8 Karen Fraggi 10th (4:25.4) Eliminated
9 Jessica Yuan 11th (4:32.3) Eliminated
10 "Twin" Kylie Long 8th (4:12.2) Eliminated
11 "Twin" Kendall Long 9th (4:14.7) Eliminated
12 "Flying Trapeze Artist" Ami Haruna 2nd (3:35.4) Eliminated


  • This is the first episode of Wipeout to be a gender-exclusive competition, as no male competitors competed in this episode. This would later be followed by Beauty Queens in season 6.
  • This is the second four-finalist Wipeout Zone where all four finalists finished the Wipeout Zone course, after The Special Episode. However, unlike The Special Episode, it is the only one where all finalists finished on time (i.e. each run succeeding each other beats the previous finished time).
  • Kylie and Kendall Long are the second pair of twins to be featured on Wipeout in a non-team competition.