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Ketchup, Mustard and Wipeout Weenies is the fourteenth episode of season 3 of Wipeout.

Week Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Birthday Boy"

David Brummel

9th (04:22.0) 2nd 3rd Winner (08:14.08)
2 "Fashion Daredevil" Carl Winefordner 8th (04:20.9) 1st 4th 2nd Place (12:43.02)
3 "Movie Buff"

Darryl Rivenbark

5th (04:09.2) 4th 2nd Out of time
4 "The Best Athlete In The World"

Raymond Ohrel

3rd (04:08.6) 3rd 1st Quit
5 "Smelly's Boyfriend"

Clint Gage

7th (04:19.5) 6th Eliminated
"Big Rig"

Keith Phillips

4th (04:08.9) 5th Eliminated
7 Amanda Chavez 12th (04:46.8) Eliminated
Jen Colacchio 6th (04:12.2) Eliminated

Ashlee Goetdtel

10th (04:25.4) Eliminated
"Scared Little Girl" Brittany Lyons 2nd (04:00.0) Eliminated
"Running Coach" Shelli Main 11th (04:33.3) Eliminated
"Homecoming Queen"Torey Schlaufman 1st (03:59.5) Eliminated


  • Carl Winefordner is the third and final competitor to miss the home plate on Bruiseball (after Marie Ramirez and Jamie Cardiff).
  • Darryl Rivenbark crossed the Spiked Whackers on his first attempt.
  • Keith Phillips passed the Beaten Path.