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Totally, Totally Inappropriate! is the thirteenth episode of season 3.

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifer Double Cross (with the Wrecking Ball) Car Wash Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Dr. Disco" Charlie Gray 5th (4:30.0) 3rd 1st Winner (06:54.98)
2 "Wild" Will West 11th (5:27.8) 6th 4th 2nd Place (12:50.91)
3 "Coach" Michael Ewing 4th (4:19.7) 5th 3rd* Out of time (left with $1,000)
4 "Bald Eagle Scout" Russell Smith 1st (3:26.8) 2nd 2nd Out of time
5 "The Mimic" Ken Wade 3rd (3:59.0) 1st Eliminated
6 "Barista" Whitney McKee 7th (4:45.1) 4th Eliminated
7 "Tricker" Peter Ton 2nd (3:53.9) Eliminated
8 "Motivated" Joy Grey 9th (5:06.1) Eliminated
9 "Totally, Totally Inappropriate" Viviana Landeros 10th (5:21.3) Eliminated
10 Alex Peterson 6th (4:37.7) Eliminated
11 "Gymnast" Tamatha Deucher 8th (4:58.1) Eliminated
12 Liz Case 12th (5:40.0) Eliminated


  • Michael Ewing won $1,000 from grabbing the brass ring in the Wipeout Car Wash.