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Family Wipeout is the twelfth episode of season 3 of Wipeout. Twelve teams of family members compete for $50,000.

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball After Dark Wipeout Zone**
Place Contestant Result
1 "The Game Boarders" Tom & Jamie Cardiff 4th (8:10.1) 2nd 2nd Winner (13:58.80):
(04:45.94)- Tom
(09:12.86)- Jamie
2 Tony Juarez & Marie Ramirez 2nd (7:08.1) 1st 1st 2nd Place*
(20:34.31)- Marie

N/A- Tony

3 “The Survivors” Dannie & Monica Colon 6th (9:44.4) 3rd Eliminated
4 "Flying Hawaiians" Kainoa & Juliann Kahai 1st (6:42.3) Eliminated
5 Randall & Denise Betters 3rd (7:45.5) Eliminated
6 "Gung Ho" Brian & Diane Hoh 5th (8:59.8) Eliminated


  • Marie Ramirez and Jamie Cardiff are the first and second to miss the plate at third base. Later, while the two were reaching for it simultaneously, the umpire incorrectly indicates Jamie as the winner.
  • This was the first time contestants were allowed to watch other people's runs.
  • Marie finished the Wipeout Zone in a time over 20 minutes, and so Tony Juarez was not allowed to run. This is contradictory to the S3E06 Couples Wipeout Zone, where Robin Burton became disqualified after not beating the time limit of 20 minutes but her partner was allowed to run after both members of the other finalist team ran. This also marks the first time someone wasn't able to compete in the Wipeout Zone, as by default, he would not have any chance at beating the time of the Board Gamers.