Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Beach Party The Wipeout Zone Punishment
Place Contestant Result
1 'Freak of Nature' Frank Beasley 1st (02:12.1) 5th 2nd* Winner (05:41.95)
2 'Never Give Up, Never Surrender' Deborah Blackwell (04:09.0) 6th 1st 2nd (10:05.73)
3 'Captain Chemistry' Jason De Muro (?) 3rd 3rd 3rd Place (10:14.11)
4 'Oompa-Lumpa' Joel Grande (?) 2nd 4th Out of time
5 'Mr. Fix-it' Scott Griggers (Age: 33) (?) 4th Eliminated
Kurt 'The Bird Man' Fuller (Age: 42) (04:17.2) 1st Eliminated
7 Holly Hanson (?) Eliminated
Sarah Hastings (?) Eliminated
Jeremy Luna (?) Eliminated
'Nose Job' Andrea Mansoor (04:31.8) Eliminated
Ashley Morgan (?) Eliminated
'Communist Mother' Yana Zhernova (?) Eliminated

* Frank Beasley grabbed the brass ring in Beach Party, giving him a $1000 bonus

  • Frank Beasley was the fourth person to cross the Door Knock, third person to cross the Shakalater, and second person to cross the Shape Shifter. (Burton Hendrickson is the first.)
    • Also, for Season 3, Frank has the fastest (known) time on the Qualifier and the least amount of Qualifier wipeouts so far, only wiping out on the Big Balls. (However, his foot did go into the mud after completing the Sucker Punch.)
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