Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Construction Zone The Paint-errific Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Complaits' Carrie Kiker (04:29.7) 2nd 3rd (04:33.13) Winner (09:15.59)
2 'Girly Tat' David Hutchison (?)** 1st 4th (05:20.60)*** 2nd Place (12:59.18)
3 'All American Girl' Bree Bailey (03:58.4) 3rd 1st (03:11.79) 3rd Place (14:18.25)
4 Michael 'Moobs' White (04:29.7) 5th 2nd (03:20.74) Quit
5 'Boston Babe' Danielle Jones (?) 4th Eliminated (05:28.57)***
'Strong Man' Jesse Phillips (?) 6th Eliminated (07:08.37)
7 Ashley Bello (?) Eliminated
Samantha Curtin (?) Eliminated
John Di Saia (?) Eliminated
'Girl Power' Jacquelynn Escalante (?) Eliminated
'The Russian Ritsurat' William Steglau (?) Eliminated
Jodi Tanaka (?) Eliminated

* This has a record for most motivations with 8 people.
** David Hutchison became the 2nd person to cross the Trampoline Sweeper (Jackie Evans was the 1st).
*** Danielle Jones is the first to cross the Rug Pull Later David Hutchison is the 2nd.

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