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Feed Jill is the eighth episode of season 3 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Jail Breaker" Caroline Lee 4th (4:11.0) 2nd 3rd Winner (09:24.81)
2 "The Dude" Andreas Neumann 10th (6:23.2) 3rd 4th 2nd Place (13:10.92)
3 "Inchworm" Karalyn Sharamitaro 3rd (4:02.6) 5th 1st Out of Time
"World's Greatest Dad" Sean Foster 12th (6:40.2)* 6th 2nd Out of Time
5 "Bigfoot Hunter" Josh Parker 5th (4:20.3) 1st Eliminated
"Ballet" Andrea Brache 6th (4:35.1) Eliminated (7th) Eliminated
7 "Can Man" Randy Wiggs
(Age: 36)
1st (3:47.8) 4th Withdrew
8 Lauren Halyburton 9th (6:18.4) Eliminated
Scott Jones 11th (6:36.7) Eliminated
Holly Milstead 2nd (3:56.3) Eliminated
"Fitness Freak" Tasha Rice 8th (6:01.1) Eliminated
"Toothless Teacher" Krista Weismair 7th (5:58.9) Eliminated


  • This episode ties with Episode 2x16 with having the most motivations in one qualifier, with a total of five.
  • Karalyn Sharamitaro is the first person to cross the Organ Grinder.
  • Randy Wiggs withdrew before the start of Bruiseball. The six eliminated players from the Overdrive were then put into a random draw to take his place in which Andrea Brache won.
  • Randy Wiggs was the first guy to cross the first set of the Smack Wall Sweeper.
  • There is another contestant named "Scott Jones" that advanced in this episode. However, he is not to be confused with the Blind Date contestant Scott Jones.
  • Sean Foster is the first finalist to time out on the first obstacle of the Wipeout Zone.
  • Though it was not stated on broadcast, Sean Foster originally did not make it to the second round, initially placing 13th. However, an unidentified male contestant with a mohawk withdrew before the Overdrive round, having Sean take his place.