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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Sleepytime Wipeout Zone (with foam)
Place Contestant Result
1 'The Unimpressionist' Scott Torgan (?) 5th 1st* Winner (10:25.36)
2 'Aspiring Accountant' David Harris
(Age: 25)
1st (02:55.9) 2nd 4th 2nd (13:26.65)
3 'Delivery Man' Vincent Rappleyea (?) 1st 2nd Out of Time
'Tennis Pro' Paige Roddy
(Age: 18)
03:49.4 6th 3rd Out of Time
5 'Auto Mechanic' Daryl McCloud*** (?) 4th Eliminated
Rick 'The Millionaire' Raddatz (?) 3rd Eliminated
7 Betsy Clarke (?) Eliminated
Venessa 'Nessa' Cortez (?) Eliminated
Nicolas Dio IV 04:08.2 Eliminated
'Flying Monkey' Mark Halliday
(Age: 46)
(?) Eliminated
Kara Kraszewski (?) Eliminated
'I'm In The War' Julie Warr (?) Eliminated

* Scott Torgan grabbed the brass ring in Sleepytime, giving him a $1,000 bonus.
** In reality, Amanda 'Opera Singer' Raddatz & Rick 'The Millionare' Raddatz are married. Amanda said her husband loved Jill, and Rick had his arm around Jill in this episode. However, lots of men love Jill. Rick was also shown at the beginning of the show, singing, "Let my Big Balls go," in an opera-like way.
*** First to cross the Shake-U-Later in a regular episode.