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Is time to Wipeout America! Today 12 Couples will go head to head on the most challenging obstacle course that was ever created! Today we will see mens taking break taking tumbles. Woman taking huge challenges and both taking challenging defeat. At the end the mightiest 2 couples will take on the final challenge, The Wipeout Zone! 1 couple shall become Wipeout Champions and take home $50,000! But the other 11 couples will fail and take home NOTHING! The epic competition beings now only 1 team will be victorious but all will Wipeout!

Today 12 Couples will tackle on the Qualifier a 5 part obstacle course will be against them. 1st is the Blob! The men gotta launch the women in the water and once the women get to the other side the men will go and the 5,000 weight will drop and launch them. Then is the Sucker Punch, leading up to the Big Ball with the hammer motivator if you hesitate we will motivate. Then the classic Shake-A-Later is next with some plastic ball. Then leading up to the Shape Shifter with a Trampoline. The Fastest 6 couples will move on to the next round.

Next up is Double Cross! This is how it works. 6 teams will be starting on a platform above water, 1st they gotta enter on green and run to the middle. Ah, but beware of the sweeper arms in your Direction. After you got in the middle you need to run on this red getaway and then jump on this Tippy Table and stand up fast because this always tips in every 9 seconds. Then stand on the blue platform, But your not done yet. Both members gotta make it for order to move on to Round 3! The first 3 couples will move on to the next round.

Next up is Bruise Ball this will be played in 2 games. 1st the 3 teams will be on this bench and when the horn sound they will all run to the pitcher mount, after they get off they gotta jump on the Tippy Table. And jump onto 1st base. But beware of getting hit by the bruise ball bat. When they get to 1st base they gotta go on the Bouncing Base Path and jump onto 2nd base. Then they will tackle the Sidewalk. Then jump onto 3rd base, then the final challenge Homeplate. Contestants gotta jump on the diving board and reach onto the homeplate before splashing in the mud. The 1st full tean to score in both heats will move on to the Wipeout Zone! Welp that’s the rules so.. LET’S PLAY BALL!

Moving on to the zone is “The I Don’ts” Stephan Netter and Robin Burton versus The “Wishy Washy Couple” Robert House and Traci Martin.

Is time for the final course, The Wipeout Zone this is how it works first teams will tackle on the Dreadmill Launch. Teams will be running on this Dreadmill and jump on the trampoline and they will get launched into Icy Water down below, Then they will narrow the Gut Busters. 6 up and down moving blocks and they are slippery to. But try to make it across to go to the next challenge, the Sinistairs. Jump on this rotating staircase and try to not get knock out by these 2 not forgiving sweeper trees, then make the jump to make it to the final obstacle, the Gauntlet. It stars out with the Crankshaft, then the Blades Of Fury, then the Beater Toddler to the finished. But I forgot there is a 10 minute time limit so if you time out, dam that’s not a good thing. Remember this is teams edition so the fastest combined team wins.

Congratulations to the “Wishy Washy Couple” Robert House and Traci Martin you new Wipeout Couple Champions!

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Wishy-Washy Couple' Robert House & Traci Martin (?) 2nd 2nd Winner (15:19.56)
Quit - Traci
(15:19.56) - Robert
2 'The I Don'ts' Stephen Netter & Robin Burton (05:23.8)* 1st 1st Out of Time
Disqualified* - Robin
(Out of Time) - Stephen
3 'The Bickersons' Robert de Otero & Ashley Grijalva (?) 3rd Eliminated
4 "Tae Can Do Couple' Michael Fell & Holly Chamberlain 05:41.6 Eliminated
'The Wrestlers' Daniel Tcruz & Sarah Fernandez (?) Eliminated
'The Musicals' Andrew Avery & Amy White (?) Eliminated

* Robin Burton became the first to conquer the Shake-a-lator. Later on, she is also the first to be disqualified in the Wipeout Zone, not able to beat the time limit of 20 minutes.