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Episode 3x05: Couples is the sixth episode of season 3. Twelve couples are invited to take on the Wipeout course, where the fastest 6 couple teams will move on to the next round.

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Wishy-Washy Couple" Robert House & Traci Martin 5th (6:41.8) 2nd 2nd Winner (15:19.56):
Quit - Traci
(15:19.56) - Robert
2 'The I Don'ts' Stephen Netter & Robin Burton 1st (5:23.8) 1st 1st 2nd Place:
(Disqualified)- Robin
(Out of Time) - Stephen
3 "The Bickersons" Robert de Otero & Ashley Grijalva 6th (6:58.9) 3rd Eliminated
4 "Tae Can Do Couple" Michael Fell & Holly Chamberlain 2nd (5:41.6) Eliminated
"The Wrestlers" Daniel Tcruz & Sarah Fernandez 4th (6:24.4) Eliminated
"The Musicals" Andrew Avery & Amy White 3rd (6:08.0) Eliminated


  • Robin Burton became the first to conquer the Shake-a-lator. Later on, she is also the first to be disqualified in the Wipeout Zone, not able to beat the time limit of 20 minutes.
  • Traci Martin is the first and only competitor on Wipeout to win but not finish the Wipeout Zone due to her partner Robert House completing it and her opponents "the I Don'ts" neither being able to finish. This is also the only team episode of Wipeout where only one out of the final four individuals finished the Wipeout Zone.