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Excuse Wii is the fifth episode of Season 3.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Medieval Wipeout Wipeout Zone Celebration
Place Contestant Result
1 "Funky Fresh" Aben Vincent 2nd (3:40.4) 2nd 1st (02:16.99) Winner (05:49.06)
2 "Safety First" Shawn Hughes 1st (3:39.1) 1st 3rd (05:13.35) 2nd Place (07:24.76)
3 "I'll Date Any" Quan Pham 4th (4:00.4) 4th 4th (06:07.88) 3rd Place (10:41.87)
4 "Flower Power Gramps" John Rogers
(Age: 49)
7th (5:41.5) 5th 2nd (04:56.41) Out of Time
5 "Mall Rat" Ashley Coleman 8th (5:50.0) 3rd Eliminated (09.14.17)
"Tina Turner" Gary Shields 9th (6:03.7) 6th Eliminated (11.11.25)
7 Pam Douglas 10th (6:19.1) Eliminated
"Biker Babe" Michelle Marshall 6th (4:20.4) Eliminated
"Bird Nerd" Chelsea Robbins 3rd (3:54.3) Eliminated
"Moody" Jill Sutherlin (Age: 36) 5th (4:13.0) Eliminated
Rita Strubbe 12th (6:33.9) Eliminated
Anthony Williams 11th (6:28.2) Eliminated


  • Quan Pham is the 1000th contestant on Wipeout.
  • This is the 2nd all-male Wipeout Zone in season 3 since episode 2. This episode also marked the first male winner since Welcome Back America after a streak of two episodes of female winners previously.
  • The episode is promoting the Wipeout video game on the Wii, hence the title.