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Wipeout Soccer Special is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Wipeout. During the Qualifier, the Big Balls were given a special makeover to resemble soccer balls.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Jungle Gym Wipeout Zone (with foam)
Place Contestant Result
1 "New Mom" Jill Facer 2nd (2:52.6) 6th 2nd (03:45.66) Winner (11:04.48)
2 "The Wiggler" James Runcorn 3rd (3:05.3) 3rd 3rd (04:07.22) 2nd Place (14:21.76)
3 "Pizza Man" Rick Collinwood 9th (4:11.0) 1st 4th (05:04.70) 3rd Place (15:47.04)
4 "Renaissance Man" Patrick Bailey 4th (3:12.2) 2nd 1st (02:16.39) Out Of Time
5 "Manimal" Alan Mahoney 6th (3:38.1) 5th Eliminated (05:50.69)
"Secret Agent" Kim Utterson 5th (3:25.2) 4th Eliminated (08:39.48)
7 "Police Woman" Nina Abalos 7th (3:43.1) Eliminated
"The Flying Squirrel" Jennifer Farley 1st (2:41.1) Eliminated
Kelly Gonzales 11th (4:32.2) Eliminated
Lauri O'Connor 8th (4:07.6) Eliminated
Paulina Rubio 10th (4:28.9) Eliminated
"The Mortician" Gary Travis 12th (4:42.3) Eliminated


  • This is the first time that women have won consecutive episodes of Wipeout, with two female episode winners back to back between this episode and the previous one.