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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Unclaimed
Wipeout Zone
In Space
Place Contestant Result
1 Debbie 'Sugar Mama' Markham
(Age: 38)
(?) 2nd 3rd Winner (06:16.58)*
2 Jeff 'Dr.' Bueno (?) 3rd 1st 2nd Place (07:27.24)
3 Tucker 'Mommy Dearest' Carney (?) 6th 4th** Out of Time
Jason 'The Rich Factor' Richard 1st (03:14.8) 5th 2nd Out of Time
5 Wayne 'Papa Dawg' Collins
(Age: 58)
(?) 4th Eliminated
Isaia 'Samoan Warrior' Ofoia
(Age: 32)
(04.25.8)** 1st Eliminated
7 Vicky 'New Mexico' Chan (?) Eliminated
Monica 'Ball Buster' Mora (?) Eliminated
Amanda 'Opera Singer' Raddatz (04:00.5)** Eliminated
Rene 'Construction Worker' Thorn (?) Eliminated
Meaghan 'Falling in Love' Wadell (?) Eliminated
'Sickening' Megan Walsh (?) Eliminated

* Debbie Markham became the first single woman ever in the Wipeout Zone to win the game.
** Isaia Ofoia is the 1st Person to survive the Door Knock, later Amanda Raddatz is the 2nd.

  • Megan Smith was the 4th contestant known to take more than 10 minutes to finish the Qualifier. (Margie Stubbs and Nancy Novak in S1E1 and "Pretty Hot and Thick (PHAT)" Sandy Bowles in S1E6 and Heather Dorando in S3E08 were the other 4.) ("Nursing Student" Kameisha Thomas' time was never said, but she fell off the Big Balls with almost 10 minutes on the clock.)