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Anderson Can’t Dance is the third episode of season 3 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Unclaimed
Wipeout Zone
In Space
Place Contestant Result
1 "Sugar Mama" Debbie Markham
(Age: 38)
3rd (3:30.0) 2nd 3rd Winner (06:16.58)
2 "Dr. Bueno" Jeff Bueno 2nd (3:20.0) 3rd 1st 2nd Place (07:27.24)
3 "Mommy Dearest" Tucker Carney 5th (3:51.1) 6th 4th Out of Time
"The Rich Factor" Jason Richard 1st (3:14.8) 5th 2nd Out of Time
5 "Papa Dawg" Wayne Collins
(Age: 58)
10th (5:59.0) 4th Eliminated
"Samoan Warrior" Isaia Ofoia
(Age: 32)
7th (4:25.8) 1st Eliminated
7 "New Mexico" Vicky Chan 4th (3:43.3) Eliminated
"Ball Buster" Monica Mora 8th (5:39.4) Eliminated
"Opera Singer" Amanda Raddatz 6th (4:00.5) Eliminated
"Construction Worker" Rene Thorn 9th (5:46.2) Eliminated
Meaghan Wadell 12th (6:18.4) Eliminated
Megan Walsh 11th (6:03.2) Eliminated