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Wipeout Blind Date is a special Wipeout episode where for the first time, the episode has a "blind date" format. In this episode, 12 male and female contestants will meet be partnered together randomly as a "blind date". Similar to Episode 2x08, the final two teams will face off the Wipeout Zone where the best combined time from both partners wins the episode with $100,000 ($50,000 per partner).

This is the first blind date episode of several on Wipeout. This episode is a main special episode and is considered the season 3 premiere. Though Welcome Back America (Episode 3x01) is the actual premiere as it was taped first.

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball One-Ring Circus Wipeout Zone
Place Blind Dates Couples Result
1 "Power Couple" Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina 3rd (5:31.9) 1st $5000** 05:01.56
(03:28.18) - Jayson
(02:13.38) - Katelyn
Winner (19:52.93):
(09:31.82)- Katelyn
2 "Little Mermaid & Flounder" Scott Jones & Arielle Valdez 4th (6:27.6) 3rd N/A 10:00.06
(03:39.63) - Scott
(06:60.43) - Arielle
Out of Time
(Out of Time)- Arielle
3 "International Love Connection" Steven Brandon & Katie Calpino 5th (7:03.4) 2nd N/A Out of Time:
(Out of Time) - Steven
(5:50.79) - Katie
Eliminated in Overdrive "Athlete and her Partner" Paul Brewter & Jen Hanson 1st (4:40.0) Eliminated
"Model Citizens" Jackie Evans & Garret Camillen 2nd (5:09.9) Eliminated
'The Cougar & The Cub" Josh Calderon & Sheila Den Ouden 6th (7:38.2) Eliminated


  • Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina both crossed the Big Balls.
  • Jayson & Katelyn were also the first guy and girl to complete the Bruiseball course, each winning $2,500 for a total of $5,000.
  • Jackie Evans became the first person to cross the Trampoline Sweepers.
  • Steven Brandon and Katie Calpino are the first blind date couple to be shown breaking up on the course.