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Welcome Back America is the second episode of season 3 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball Wipeout Zone (with paint)
Place Contestant Result
1 "The Cowboy" Andrew Sherman
(Age: 19)
1st (2:48.7) 1st 4th Winner (03:46.21)
2 "Smack Efron" Peet Montzingo
(Age: 19)
2nd (3.14.2) 5th 1st 2nd Place (07:36.98)
3 "Fierce Dragon" Eddie Moton Jr. 6th (3:49.9) 4th 2nd Very Late Finish
4 "Union Man" Burton Hendrickson 4th (3:29.2) 2nd 3rd Out of Time
5 "Barely Legal Lawyer" Patrick Earnest
(Age: 30)
12th (5:00.1) 6th Eliminated
"Fruit Farmer" Leigh Anne Thomsen 3rd (3:17.0) 3rd Eliminated
7 "Ballerina" Karrie Carlton
(Age: 22)
5th (3:45.4) Eliminated
Beth Kolarik 10th (4:35.1) Eliminated
Debbie Lucas 8th (4:10.1) Eliminated
"Animal Cruelty Lover" Jonelle Tierney
(Age: 22)
9th (4:22.1) Eliminated
Sylvia Tsai 7th (3:58.8) Eliminated
Janie Wilner 11th (4:53.1) Eliminated


  • Burton Hendrickson is the first person to successfully cross the Shape Shifter.
  • Andrew Sherman had strep throat when he ran the Wipeout Zone, though he still competed.
  • Right before John was going to sign off, Eddie Moton Jr. finished the Wipeout Zone.