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Today 24 contestants will take on the final Qualifier of the season and it starts off with the Banana Spilts. Make your way through these 6 bananas and try to not fall in the mud. And after that waiting is the Sucker Punch make your way and don’t get knocked in the pudding. Then is the Big Ball, with the hammer motivator if you hesitate we will motivate! Then is the Onion Rings make your way through these rings to get the final obstacle of the Qualifier the Slippery Swing Set! You gotta swing on this ring, then jump on are ketchup swing and then make your final jump to the hotdog and your run will stop! If you fall on the final obstacle swim to this Ultimate Finished Spot. The fastest 12 contestants shall move on to the next round! While the slowest 12 will be eliminated from the competition.

Next up the 12 contestants who survived the Qualifier they will face off the Cheese Sweeper, this is how it works. The 12 contestants will be standing up these 10-Feet platforms as the sweeper goes in a circle motion. As everyone goal for the sweeper they gotta jump the sweeper with the wedge of cheese without getting knock down in the water down below. The final 6 contestants left standing will move on to the next round! But the Cheese Sweeper will keep on going until we got 1 contestant left standing and they will get a $1,000 bonus. Alright the dozen contestants are ready! Let’s go in the action.

Next up our 6 contestants will turn into 4 on the next stage the Slippery Course! This will be played in 4 heats. 1st contestants gotta slide down are Slip Slide, then they will run to Branch In The Face! If they make it they will go to the Bucking Buoys. If they make that they will run to the Spinner to be on the tippy top of the spinner. But when 1 does it. The other 5 will gotta go back but this time they will face off the Slippery Wall with some helpful sweepers. The same thing when 1 does it, the other 4 does it again! We will keep on doing this until we get 4 finishers. 4 shall move on but 2 shall be eliminated.

Now the final 4 will tackle on the final course, The Wipeout Zone. This final course is made up with 4 stages. 1st up is the Catapult, competitors will be set flying and ready to get a crash water landing in the freezing water down below. Next up is the Gears Of Doom. 3 spinning gears contestants gotta jump on these gears and try to not fall. But after 1 try they can keep for a 1 minute penalty. Next up is the Scary-Go-Round, 1st contestants gotta jump on this platform and climb up quickly and watch out of a fast sweeper arm coming in your way. Then contestants will go on another slippery bar and make the dismount onto the platform. Then the final obstacle, the Gauntlet. 1st is the Piston Punch, then the Blades Of Fury, then the Drop Bridge to the finished. The fastest runner in the Wipeout Zone will become the final champion of Wipeout Season 2.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sweeper


Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Eric 'The Stache' Agrelius
(Age: 54)
(?) 4th 3rd Winner (14.31.44)*
2 Jay 'Robert Redford' Hook
(Age: 31)
1st (03:05.1) $1000 2nd 2nd Place (15.16.28)
3 'Prison Guard' Alex Pimentel
(Age: 40)
(?) 3rd 4th 3rd Place (15.50.76)
4 William 'Billy Goat' Mahoney
(Age: 44)
05:08.4 2nd 1st Out of Time
5 Melissa 'Not John's Prom Date' Silguero
(Age: 23)
(?) 5th Eliminated
Micah 'Mouse' Hardt 04:17.7 6th Eliminated
7 Nicole 'The Motivator Tiebreaker' Chietan
(Age: 31)
(?)** Eliminated
'Firefighter' Jason Graffia (?) Eliminated
Mara 'Lip Gloss Lover' Marini
(Age: 28)
(?) Eliminated
Billie 'Roswell' Rose (?) Eliminated
'Germaphobe' Chelsea Switzer 03:57.9 Eliminated
Matt 'Mother of Pearl' Wodzynski (?) Eliminated

* Eric Agrelius became the oldest contestant to win Wipeout.

** This set a new record for Motivations in a single episode (Reg-meister "1st", Natae Chavez "2nd", Delonda Holder "3rd", Nicole Chietan "4th" and Diane Curtis "5th"), plus 3 almost Motivations (Eric Agrelouis, Jason Graffia, and The Germaphobe)

  • This is the second episode in Season 2 where the Final Four consisted of 4 male competitors (The first was Episode 3).