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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sweeper


Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Eric 'The Stache' Agrelius
(Age: 54)
(?) 4th 3rd Winner (14.31.44)*
2 Jay 'Robert Redford' Hook
(Age: 31)
1st (03:05.1) $1000 2nd 2nd Place (15.16.28)
3 'Prison Guard' Alex Pimentel
(Age: 40)
(?) 3rd 4th 3rd Place (15.50.76)
4 William 'Billy Goat' Mahoney
(Age: 44)
05:08.4 2nd 1st Out of Time
5 Melissa 'Not John's Prom Date' Silguero
(Age: 23)
(?) 5th Eliminated
Micah 'Mouse' Hardt 04:17.7 6th Eliminated
7 Nicole 'The Motivator Tiebreaker' Chietan
(Age: 31)
(?)** Eliminated
'Firefighter' Jason Graffia (?) Eliminated
Mara 'Lip Gloss Lover' Marini
(Age: 28)
(?) Eliminated
Billie 'Roswell' Rose (?) Eliminated
'Germaphobe' Chelsea Switzer 03:57.9 Eliminated
Matt 'Mother of Pearl' Wodzynski (?) Eliminated

* Eric Agrelius became the oldest contestant to win Wipeout.

** This set a new record for Motivations in a single episode (Reg-meister "1st", Natae Chavez "2nd", Delonda Holder "3rd", Nicole Chietan "4th" and Diane Curtis "5th"), plus 3 almost Motivations (Eric Agrelouis, Jason Graffia, and The Germaphobe)

  • This is the second episode in Season 2 where the Final Four consisted of 4 male competitors (The first was Episode 3).