Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier King of the


Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Super Shorts' Travis Cluff 1st (01:45.2)* 1st 2nd Winner (07:13.63)
2 Krystal Howard 'Ninjetta' (?) 4th 4th 2nd Place (13:04.91)
3 'Volleyball Coach' Christine Johnston
(Age: 19)
(?) 6th 1st Out of Time
'Totally '80s' Chelsea Price 2nd (01:55.6)* 3rd 3rd Out of Time
5 'Croatian Crush'

Anya Loncaric

3rd (02:02.2) 5th Eliminated
'Bacon Boy' Jeff Wall (?) 2nd Eliminated
7 Danielle Ellerd (?) Eliminated
'The Bionic Knee'

Greg Hearn

(?) Eliminated
'Aspiring Screenwriter'

Jeff Nemon

(?) Eliminated
'Master Big Baller'

Giles Rees

(?) Eliminated
'Chips Officer' Sara Sheperd
(Age: 26)
(?) Eliminated
Tyra Torian (?) Eliminated

* Travis Cluff became the first person to cross the Tipsy Towers successfully. Later on, Chelsea Price became the second person to cross the Tipsy Towers.

  • This episode was the first to have a Wipeout Zone with only one male
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