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Once Wiped Out, Twice Scared is the thirteenth episode of season 2 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Gyro Crusher Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Milk Man" Tyler Rowley 1st (01:46.8) 6th 2nd Winner (07:50.25)
2 "Don't Mess with Texas" Danielle Bagby 3rd (3:54.9) 4th 4th 2nd Place (08:24.13)
3 "Mr. Mom" Shane Butler 4th (4:10.2) 1st ($1,000) 3rd Out of Time (left with $1,000)
4 "Fry Guy" Mark Jones 5th (4:23.1) 2nd 1st Out of Time
5 "Pastor" Craig Hamilton 8th (4:52.2) 3rd Eliminated
"Kindergarten" Cate Ilfeld
(Age: 21)
6th (4:38.3) 5th Eliminated
7 "Singer/Songwriter" Katelyn Benton 2nd (3:34.7) Eliminated
"The Girl Who Fell" Heather Brown 12th (5:24.8) Eliminated
"Anatomy Teacher" Brittany Coffin 7th (4:43.1) Eliminated
Nick Bongiovanni 9th (4:59.7) Eliminated
"Clumsy" Natalie Masciale 10th (5:03.1) Eliminated
"Special Forces Offline" Lonnie Stuart 11th (5:12.2) Eliminated


  • Tyler Rowley is the first competitor to not Wipeout on the Qualifier.