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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Gyrosweeper

(The Crusher)

Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Milk Man' Tyler Rowley 1st (01:46.8) 6th 2nd Winner (07:50.25)
2 'Don't Mess with Texas'

Danielle Bagby

03:54.9 4th 4th 2nd Place (08:24.13)
3 'Mr. Mom' Shane Butler (?) $1000 3rd Out of Time*
4 'Fry Guy' Mark Jones (?) 2nd 1st Out of Time*
5 'Pastor' Craig Hamilton (?) 3rd Eliminated
'Kindergarten' Cate Ilfeld
(Age: 21)
04:38.3 5th Eliminated
7 'Singer/Songwriter' Katelyn Benton (?) Eliminated
'The Girl Who Fell' Heather Brown (?) Eliminated
'Anatomy Teacher' Brittany Coffin (?) Eliminated
Nick Giovanni (?) Eliminated
'Clumsy' Natalie Masciale (?) Eliminated
'Special Forces Offline' Lonnie Stuart (?) Eliminated

* Although Mark Jones and Shane Butler both timed out, Shane was able to get further into the Wipeout Zone than Mark, putting Shane in 3rd and Mark in 4th

  • Tyler Rowley stands as the only contestant of any season to not Wipeout on the Qualifier.