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Ballistic Episode is the twelfth episode of season 2 of Wipeout.

Competition: Finals
Week: Ballistic Qualifier King of the Mountain

(With Dodgeballs)

Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Murse" Brett Salazar 4th (2:05.3) 4th 1st Winner (04:56.81)
2 "Irish Lad" Billy Mannering 1st (1:14.3) 1st 2nd 2nd Place (07:01.39)
3 "Yams' Man" Dave Klec 3rd (1:56.0) 2nd 4th Out of Time
"Snake-phobic" Shannan Reeve 2nd (1:39.0) 3rd 3rd Out of Time
5 "Deputy Hot Stuff" Janna Kovensky 7th (2:36.8) 6th Eliminated
"Dodgeballer" Eva Sadok 5th (2:17.1) 5th Eliminated
7 "Waitress" Monica Beltran 9th (3:00.1) Eliminated
"Fargo's Own" Jeff Ellignson 8th (2:49.1) Eliminated
Sarai Koo 11th (3:23.6) Eliminated
"Hip-Hopping Headband" Sebastian Vermeul-Taback 6th (2:23.0) Eliminated
"Beach Bum" Julie Webb 10th (3:15.5) Eliminated
"Air Guitarist" Chad Wilson 12th (3:38.7) Eliminated


  • Eva Sadok, Dave Klec and Brett Salazar became the second, third and fourth competitors to cross the Sweeper Run (Scotty Granger was the first).
  • Billy Mannering became the first person to cross the Log Ball successfully.