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Competition: Finals
Week: Ballistic Qualifier King of the Mountain

(With Dodgeballs)

Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Murse' Brett Salazar 4th (02:05.3)* 4th 1st Winner (04:56.81)
2 'Irish Lad' Billy Mannering 1st (01:14.3)* 1st 2nd 2nd Place (07:01.39)
3 'Yams' Man' Dave Klec 3rd (01:56.0)* 2nd 4th Out of Time

Shannan Reeve

2nd (01:39.0) 3rd 3rd Out of Time
5 'Deputy Hot Stuff'

Janna Kovensky

(?) 6th Eliminated
'Dodgeballer' Eva Sadok (?)* 5th Eliminated
7 'Waitress' Monica Beltran (?) Eliminated
'Fargo's Own' Jeff Ellignson (?) Eliminated
Sarai Koo (?) Eliminated
'Hip-Hopping Headband'

Sebastian Vermeul-Taback

(?) Eliminated
'Beach Bumb' Julie Webb (?) Eliminated
'Air Guitarist' Chad Wilson (?) Eliminated

* Eva Sadok, Dave Klec and Brett Salazar became the second, third and forth competitors to cross the Sweeper Run (Scotty Granger was the first). While Billy Mannering became the first person to cross the Log Ball successfully.