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Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sack Gyro Sweeper Bucking Bull Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'B-Boy' Chris Kinyon
(now 28)
(?) 2nd 2nd (00:47.24) Winner (08:02.87)
2 Ariel 'Kissaholic' Tweto*
(now 21)
2nd (02:50.7) 4th 1st (00:58.46) Out of Time***
'The Terminator' Rado Pagac 1st (02:47.7) 3rd 3rd (00:46.11) Out of Time
Robert 'Putt Egg' Davis
(now 44)
(?) $1000 4th (00:41.94) Out of Time
5 Keith 'Muddy Beard' Biondi (?) 6th Eliminated (00:40.08)
'The Jedi' William Hill 03:53.5 5th Eliminated (00:11.17)
7 'Animal Lover' Jessica Bertoni
(now 26)
(?) Eliminated
'One-word Model' Dana Jamison
(now 19)
(02:57.7) Eliminated
'The Human Siren' Shane Johnson
(now 21)
03:42.1 Eliminated
'Ball-Loving Weirdo' Ben Kronberg (?)** Eliminated
'Spaz' Bryan Sayas (?) Eliminated
'Super Stu' Stuart Yasutake 03:47.2 Eliminated

* Formerly "Never Been Kissed" but admitted to having kissed a lot since her appearance in Season 1 Episode 3

** During the episode, Ben Kronberg became the only person to complete multiple crossings of the Big Balls, having previously crossed them in Season One, Episode 5.

*** Although she lost, she was half way on the finish line before she timed out.

  • Among the All-stars are:

S101: 'Mr. Excitement' Isaac Alverez (now 28), Jessi 'Go Go Dancer' Duran (now 21), 'Pastor' Jerry Huson (now 57), Margie Stubbs

S102: 'Cougar' Maria Castro (now 52), Gayla 'Don't Call Me A Cougar' Johnson, 'Indiana Jones Fan' Andrew Pagana

S103: Chris Lekawa (now 24)

S104: 'Soccer Mom' Gwenisha Robinson

S106: 'Pretty Hot and Thick (PHAT)' Sandy Bowles

S108: 'Foot-Phobic' April Robles (now 25)

S109: Karla Guy (now 29 and also became the first contestant to disqualified by avoiding every single obstacle in the Qualifier.) She also appeared on Dance Your Ass Off.