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Wipeout All-Stars is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Wipeout. In this episode, 24 returning competitors that did not win Wipeout return for a second shot on the course.

This is the first of four Wipeout episodes to feature returning competitors. All returning veterans are from Episode 1x01 to Episode 2x00.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sack Gyro Sweeper Bucking Bull Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "B-Boy" Chris Kinyon
(now 28)
4th (3:09.9) 2nd 2nd (0:47.24) Winner (8:02.87)
2 "Kissaholic" Ariel Tweto
(now 21)
2nd (02:50.7) 4th 1st (0:58.46) Late Finish
"The Terminator" Rado Pagac 1st (02:47.7) 3rd 3rd (0:46.11) Out of Time
"Putt Egg" Robert Davis
(now 44)
5th (3:17.8) 1st ($1,000) 4th (0:41.94) Out of Time (left with $1,000)
5 "Muddy Beird Keith Biondi 9th (3:51.6) 6th Eliminated (00:40.08)
"The Jedi" William Hill 10th (3:53.5) 5th Eliminated (00:11.17)
7 "Animal Lover" Jessica Bertoni
(now 26)
11th (4:00.1) Eliminated
"One-word Model" Dana Jamison
(now 19)
3rd (2:57.7) Eliminated
"The Human Siren" Shane Johnson
(now 21)
7th (3:42.1) Eliminated
"Ball-Loving Weirdo" Ben Kronberg 6th (3:32.7) Eliminated
"Spaz" Bryan Sayas 12th (4:16.2) Eliminated
"Super Stu" Stuart Yasutake 8th (3:47.2) Eliminated

Full List of All-Star Competitors[]

Among the All-stars that competed but did not advance from the qualifier include:


  • During the episode, Ben Kronberg became the only person to complete multiple crossings of the Big Balls, having previously crossed them in Episode 1x05 and again in this episode.
  • Although she lost, Ariel Tweto was halfway on the finish platform before she timed out.
  • In the qualifiers, Karla Guy is the first competitor to be disqualified by deliberately avoiding every obstacle on the course.
  • Bryan Sayas and William Hill are the two competitors to have made the top 12 for the first time.
  • Robert Davis and Stuart Yasutake are the first two competitors to compete twice in the same season, having previously competed in the latest eligible episode 2x00, and then competing 11 episodes later.